Things that make us think of Python

Sometimes there are things not really related to Python that make me think of Python. Since I doubt I'm the only one that happens to, I decided to start this thread so if anyone else has things that make him or her think of Python he or she can share it here.

To start us off, there is a candy company called "The Gilliam Candy Company". I don't think I have to explain why that makes me think of Python :) although as far as I know Terry's family doesn't own it. They've been around since 1927 and as long as I can remember that has been my favorite brand as far as hard candy is concerned.

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Lvndr HppE at 4:27 pm March 18

Awesome. :-)

l_wojcik at 11:44 pm March 18

I would love it if that had happened to me!


"What the romans didn't do for us"

Found this on my facebook feed and instantly thought of LoB. "What have the romans ever done for us?"

Miioo at 5:45 pm March 17

And I started singing the song from Not the Messiah... :P


Okay, for some reason unknown to anyone but my mom, she decided to buy me... a coconut. You can guess what that made me think of. So, I've decided that my dad is going to cut it in half, and after I've eaten all the yummy insides, I will gallop around the house banging them together. Also, in the background, my daddy crashed his motorcycle, and fractured his wrist, that's why its in a cast. :'( poor daddy. Its hard to be happy about my coconut when my dad is in pain :'(

Lvndr HppE at 4:24 pm March 10

Awww. Poor dad. Well, when they had a free showing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I bought a coconut, and made my own coconut shells. Only thing is that my mother refused to let me hack open my coconut in the house. If my neighbors had been watching, they would have seen a crazy lady banging away at a coconut with a hammer in our backyard. Just thought I'd share that funny story. :-D I hope your dad feels better!

a_nervous_wreck at 11:20 pm March 16

Yay! We cracked it open yesterday, I ate the insides, and I'm bringing them to school tomorrow to add sound effects to our group's play in english class. I'm the female version of Patsy! ^-^

Lvndr HppE: So, I was bored and looking through some videos on youtube, which lead me to this one. For some reason, it reminded me of the hairdressers mountain climbing expedition.


Okay, I just finished watching The Sea Hawks, and in the credits I saw that they had an inquisitor in there. A SPANISH inquisitor. And the name below that is Monty Preston... I had to do a double take and make sure it didn't say Monty "Python". :D

Here Comes Another One at 2:10 am March 08


The Ex-Leper: okay first we learned about the spanish inquisition in my european history class and I was giggling the entire time but I felt kind of messed up because apparently the real spanish inquisition killed like 20 million people but still you all understand why I was laughing... and secondly during choreography for this play I am in the teacher was talking about this family who had like 19 kids cause they didnt believe in birth control and it made me think of the catholic family in the meaning of life hahaha

Here Comes Another One at 10:20 pm March 06

I read somewhere that the real Cardinal Ximenez was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths during his career as an inquisitor. But did you know that secular courts were far harsher than inquisitions? Church courts acquitted/absolved many of those they arrested, whereas state courts tortured and killed far less discriminately.

(Needless to say, while learning this stuff, many Python moments!!!)

Lvndr HppE at 10:02 pm March 06

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but this pastor came to visit my church one day, and he mentioned that he and his wife had eight children. I smiled and sang "Every Sperm is sacred" to myself.

Miioo at 4:51 am March 07

Hahaha, that's the best thing I've heard/read in a long time. :D Now that I think about it my maternal grandmother had twelve(!) siblings. (And the most children anyone of them got was three). :P

Lvndr HppE: So, I'm watching this episode of this show called "Gavin & Stacey" and it actually started with a pan across, which started oh so many Python sketches. I was almost waiting for the camera to stop on John who then says "And Now For Something Completely Different"


was watching "help" to celebrate george harrison a few days late... and since it was a visual thinG i give you this picture.
but it had several small gags I almost could see python doing as well. sweet movie!

madasawetsporran at 9:45 pm March 03

TW3 or That Was The Week That Was started the surrealist sketches & had John Cleese amongst others in it Pete & Dud & others too numerous to mention Not Only But Also (Pete & Dud) took up where it left off & Monty Python then took it so much further all comedy thereafter had sketches/shades of MP or the aforementioned others. John Lennon appeared in Not Only But Also I hope I can find the clip it's very good

the_thina at 10:25 pm March 04

interesting and funny clips. thank you

madasawetsporran at 9:48 pm March 03

madasawetsporran at 9:50 pm March 03

He actually appeared several times in it & the obvious follow up was with his own madcap not always understood sense of humour it was inevitable that it would appear in any beatles movie

madasawetsporran at 9:57 pm March 03

madasawetsporran at 10:01 pm March 03

madasawetsporran at 10:01 pm March 03

This is my fave John With Pete & Dud

madasawetsporran at 10:06 pm March 03

and to follow Shakespeare by the Beatles

madasawetsporran at 10:07 pm March 03

madasawetsporran at 10:10 pm March 03

to finish off where it all started The Goons of which Peter Sellers was the writing & vocally talented maestro

madasawetsporran at 10:14 pm March 03

madasawetsporran at 10:15 pm March 03

there are several others in you tube with John Cleese Peter Sellers & Ringo Starr being another good example & Peter Sellers She Loves You

Mr Nudge: Okay okay lol

Robin Gibb totally reminds me of Eric Idle when I watch the Bee Gees perform. And after the song I immediately turn to Flying Circus xD Bee Gees + Flying Circus= Heavenly afternoon, I say!

the_thina: have just got back my harry potter-dvds that my mom hade borrowed 8without even asking I might add) and decided to ave a potter-festival. dont ask my why i never thought of it before, but in the first movie where ron and harry is eating candy on the train, and comes to the chocolate frogs and harry says something like "they are not real frogs are they?" and I almost wanted ron to reply "crunchy raw unboned real dead frog!" ^^

Mr Nudge at 7:29 pm February 26

Man, I died. I knew that was coming xDD

the_thina at 5:35 pm March 03

haha! yeah, just wonder what took me so long

Splunge4Me2 at 12:46 pm September 07

If you've read the first HP book, the password Harry needs to say to get into Dumbledore's office is a Python reference...Cockroach Cluster...

J.Gambolputty: At our Finnish class today, we were talking about different kinds of literature types (or something like that..) when we heared someone knocking at the door. One boy said to the teacher that: "I think someone's knocking." The teacher didn't probably hear him saying that because he didn't react. The boy said again: "Hey, I really think someone is knocking at the door just now" Then our teacher heard and went to open the door.

It reminded me of season four's sketch 'Programme titles conference'. :D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 12:57 pm February 25

Wow, that's awesome!

J.Gambolputty at 9:10 am February 26

Yeah, I nearly giggled a bit but managed to control myself and just smiled ;)

Here Comes Another One: Just heard on BBC NewsPod about Crawley Town football club being resurrected after years of doing really badly and almost being shut down. Reminded me of 'Golden Gordon' in Ripping Yarns. Hey, it's a third Python.

Lvndr HppE:

Russell Brand hosted Saturday Night Live this past week. and for those who have seen the show before, they know that before they come back from commercial break, they always put up a picture of the host in a pose of their choice. Well, guess what good ol' Russell chose as one of his poses?

Here Comes Another One at 9:55 pm February 18


The Ex-Leper at 3:48 pm February 25


the_thina: Im watching "creepshow" and since stephen king and terry gilliam almost could pass as brothers in their younger years I cant help imagining terry in stephens role... and that makes me even more giggely than that little segment of the movie did in the first place. would it not be lovely to see terry do this -> ? XD anyway, love them both so stephen works just fine as well. :)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Me and my Dad went to a garage to pick up our car and we were waiting in reception and I hear this: "We are the knights who say, 'Ni, Ni, Ni, Ni'!" coming from somewhere. Seconds later, I look over the reception desk and saw a woman on a computer laughing her head off. The computer kept repeating the words 'Ni, Ni, Ni' in a sort of continuous loop.

She must've gotten some spam (pun intended :D).

J.Gambolputty at 11:40 am February 15

:D That must've been pretty funny.

Tanya_Birklid19 at 12:24 pm February 15

I silently laughed to myself.

Tanya_Birklid19 at 12:24 pm February 15

GAH!! scrath that comment!! wasn't looking.

a_nervous_wreck: I was in english class yesterday, and we were looking at poems from this famous writer, who's name I forgot as soon as I left the class. Anyway, we were looking at his families crest or something, and guess what it was. A snake, quite possibly a python, that was wrapped around a foot about to bite it... I just now got it and burst out laughing in history class. Needless to say I had to step outside for a minute. :)

Tanya_Birklid19: Okay, this made me think of a Pythonn skecth: So I'm sitting in the theatre lounge, doing stuff, other theatrefolk are doing stuff and one of my friends answered his phone and all I heard from that was "Yes, yes, yes" and a shoe size came to mind. lol

Lvndr HppE at 3:24 pm February 18


the_thina: ok, this is not 100% within the rules, it not only made me think of python, it was someone talking about mike, but felt like I should share anyway.
there is this brittish show on tv. dont know the original english name, but the swedish name translated back to english is "an idiot on a trip" and there is this guy traveling around the world beeing pissed off at everything. like, its too cold inside the pyramides, so how could anyone like them? there are cracks in the sealing of the sixtenth chapel, so how can anyone think that is beautiful? (these examples I just made up, but its from what I seen something fairly typical what this guy would say)
and he said in the maybe 15 minutes of the show Ive seen that traveling-shows are boring, and that mike is always so HAPPY in his, but no one in their right mind would find that interesting. thought it was pretty funny, and I think mike would as well. I mean, he must know that his traveling-shows ARE loved, but it was once upon people like this guy mike once built up his fame.

Miioo at 3:31 pm February 14

"An idiot on a trip" - What's the swedish name?