Things that make us think of Python

Sometimes there are things not really related to Python that make me think of Python. Since I doubt I'm the only one that happens to, I decided to start this thread so if anyone else has things that make him or her think of Python he or she can share it here.

To start us off, there is a candy company called "The Gilliam Candy Company". I don't think I have to explain why that makes me think of Python :) although as far as I know Terry's family doesn't own it. They've been around since 1927 and as long as I can remember that has been my favorite brand as far as hard candy is concerned.

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the_thina: some chanel had a comercial-spot on for all the movies they were gonna show this week between christmas and newyears, and I was honestly wondering if I still was on erath or had eaten sallmon-mouse, because they were gonna show both sound of music and at least 2 of the jaws-movies. haha

Here Comes Another One at 10:55 pm December 31

Hahaha! That's hilarious!

Grazi: I was playing a trivia game with some friends. I read a question and my friend was trying to remember the answer, for some reason that reminded me of the Job Interview Sketch and I started shouting: "5...4...3...2...1".
The problem is that none of them has ever seen Monty Python, but the look on their faces was priceless.

J.Gambolputty at 5:50 am December 31

:DD I too love to confuse people like that...

Colonel Daughter: I listened several times to "Tiny Black Round Thing" , the part of the election sketch 'live'.
At a certain point they start singing a song that starts with "Climb every mountain..." - then they try to carry on, but the audience goes on singing half the song !! I swear I never heard that song before.
Then yesterday I finally watched 'The Sound Of Music' and there it was .... I couldn't stop laughing even if it was a dramatic scene :D

J.Gambolputty: I was watching Christie's Hercule Poirot film, (Peril at End House) and there was a doctor called 'Doctor Graham'. I don't think I have to explain that one..
And also in that same movie, there was the phrase 'fanatical devotion..' It reminded me of Spanish Inquisition. :D
(...and fanatical devotion to the Pope, and nice red uniforms, oh damn..)

Here Comes Another One at 6:35 am December 30

I love Peril At End House! I haven't watched it for ages though. It's good to know that next time I watch it I will think nice Chapman-type thoughts.

The Ex-Leper: so did anybody else notice the Cockroach Cluster connection that Monty Python has to Harry Potter? It pretty much blew my mind when I caught it.

the_thina: was watching a frankenstein-movie the other day. apart from the fact that john is in it, there is this one scene after johns character was out of the story. where they roll around a wagon to put corpses on. and my mind just went away to holy grail, was waiting for someone to shout "bring out your dead!" and completely lost track of the story

Here Comes Another One at 9:26 am December 23

LOL! That sort of thing happens to me all the time!

Here Comes Another One: There's this new channel being advertised on Australian TV atm, and they just loop these same 2 adverts all day long. I was watching with my brother and we both said: "Tonight on It's the Mind ..."

Cardinal Ximenez: I was playing Mystery Case Files: The 13th Skull (it's a hidden object type game) and one of the things on the list of stuff you had to find was an ex-parrot, and it was literally a dead parrot!!!!
That is so a Monty Python reference! I was like, "OMG! Parrot?!? Python! LOL!!!"

Here Comes Another One at 6:44 am December 18

I love Mystery Case Files. I haven't played that one though. Makes me think maybe I should!

Cardinal Ximenez at 11:57 pm December 20

yeah, it's really fun

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 9:44 am December 18

MCF? I think I've heard of that game. What platform is it on?

Here Comes Another One at 5:58 am December 20

Mac & PC far as I know.

Lvndr HppE: Just the other day, I was watching a news story about our new Speaker of the house. Well, they used "Liberty Bell" as background music for their story!

Here Comes Another One at 6:46 am December 18

I went and saw a play, and they played "Liberty Bell" at the end. Also it was played on my first day of uni, and the lecturer asked what the piece was, and about five people yelled out 'IT'S THE THEME FROM MONTY PYTHON!'

arkennedy: The other day I was watching an episode of Top Gear, it was the one where Jeremy and James drive to the North Pole while Hammond travels there with a team of sled dogs.

Anyway at one point Jeremy shot a can of Spam. The first thing that came to my mind when he did that was Graham Chapman saying "I DON'T LIKE SPAM!!!!!" from the spam sketch.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 5:07 am December 15

Speaking of Top Gear (which I love), there was one episode involving the boys driving motorbikes through Vietnam and they mention Mike Palin.

(skip to 5:00 for the reference) :D

arkennedy at 3:53 pm December 15

I've seen that one too :) it's one of my favorites.

mrsCutout at 3:16 pm December 08

Hahah!Good one! This show always reminded me of python......That's why I watched it!

Cardinal Ximenez: OMG, I was talking to my cat (crazy, I know...) and I said something like "I'm gonna kick you right out" and I immediately thought of that part in the Holy Grail: "The Holy Hand Grenade" where he says "five is right out" about the counting to three :)
Like, that is the first thing I thought of when I said that :P

Here Comes Another One at 2:15 am December 03

LOL! The words 'right out' have that association for me too ... & I too chat to my cats. One of them chats back, but we're never quite sure what she's saying. :-)

Cardinal Ximenez at 11:33 am December 03

Haha I sometimes think my cats are trying to talk to me too. My friends call me the crazy cat lady :P

mrsCutout at 4:12 pm December 03

Hahaha~! my cats are I think they're confused!

Cardinal Ximenez: Ok, I was reading about photography and it said something about tungsten lamps and the working-class playwright sketch popped into my head :D
"-How are you liking it down the mine, Ken?
-Oh it's not too bad, mum... we're using some new tungsten carbide drills for the preliminary coal-face scouring operations.
-Oh that sounds nice, dear...
-Tungsten carbide drills! What the bloody hell's tungsten carbide drills?!"

The Ex-Leper: somebody was asking about the word 'snogging' like what it meant and immediately I started quoting "I heard you last night. I heard you snogging away!" "WE WAS NOT SNOGGING WE WAS TALKING!!!" and nobody understood what I was doing so I left the room hahahahaha

the_thina at 11:17 am December 15

I love that word. Im a bit strange and for some reason words (as well as where expressions come from etc) is one thing I obsess a bit over.
I should fit right in the woody and tinny words-skit

The Ex-Leper at 1:32 pm December 15

bahaha that is one of my favorite sketches of ALL TIME "it's rather tinny" "oooh! ooh! *cries*" lol

arkennedy: Here's a Doctor Who Episode I watched recently...

...that made me think of this Monty Python Sketch:

1,st part of sketch:

2,nd part of sketch:

It's kind of a stretch, I know, but there was one similarity between the two. In both the Dw episode and the Python sketch, people had to be happy.

Here Comes Another One: Something else that made me think of Python: Pan's Labyrinth. So many things in that reminded me of Python! Odd really because that film is hardly a comedy!!! Did anyone else think the same when they watched it?

Here Comes Another One: Caught a moment of a truly terrible show called "Good Game" where very fake people review games while pretending to have opinions. The bloke was dressed in a fairy costume for some strange reason. I wonder why that made me think of Python?!

Sgt. Looney:

Lovely little thing I saw on the screen in the bowling game in Playdium the other day...just HAD to take a picture! XD

Lvndr HppE: I read "Crunchy Frog" in a movie credit not too long ago. I can't remember where right now, though.

Here Comes Another One: Just reading a student exam paper - the line 'the witch laid with the Devil carnally' ... and I thought ...

I love him carnally
He loves him carnally
Cyril Connolly

Yeah. Oh well, better get back to work.

Lvndr HppE: So, my boss's last name is "McKnight". I spelled it out loud to myself as I was putting the name in my phone. And I ended up saying "Kanigit!"

Here Comes Another One:

The social network that goes 'Ping!'

Is anyone on this, by the way? I'm not, but I use iTunes and I'm wondering if it's worth it or whether it's just a way for Apple to spy on you!

genji at 4:01 am November 05

I've seen it next to track names in iTunes but I haven't investigated to find out what it means. I'm a bit fed up with Apple adding a load of nonsense to their apps in order to try to look like they're adding value and giving us new features (I mean, why have the close and minimise buttons suddenly gone vertical in iTunes? What purpose does that serve?).

You're probably right about Apple spying, IMO. What was the "Genius" thing they came up with? Something that follows you through the iTunes store and recommends stuff you might want to buy, I think.

Here Comes Another One at 4:30 am November 05

Genius is supposed to recommend things based on your whole library but it really only takes your purchases into account. Since I don't buy a huge amount of music via iTunes this skews my recommendations somewhat. Genius playlists are quite good but the novelty wears off, or it did for me, anyway.

Lvndr HppE at 7:59 am November 10

I'm on Ping. Its lame. Its just another twitter.

Here Comes Another One at 10:06 pm November 10

Hmm, methinks it's a good thing I'm not on it!

the_thina: me and my brother was watching a very funny (and at times very serious) movie called "populärmusik från vittula" the other night. there is one character with a big beard that always dresses in drag and tries to get young boys to sleep with him. dont that sound very python? me and my brother sure thinks so anyway. ;)
was trying to find a clip with him on youtube, but only found the trailer in german (very strange since its a swedish movie, about the finns living in trondheim haha) he is not in the trailer, but Ill post it anyway. :)

gruggywoof: Not Python exactly, but one of our local antique stores has a big "Fish Called Wanda" cardboard cutout fixed to the wall. Looks a little odd amongst the chiffoniers and the china cabinets, I must admit.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93:

That reminds me...
Ntl's comment has just reminded me of this picture I took a while back. You guys should know what me and also Ntl are talking about :)

Here Comes Another One at 10:41 pm November 03

*gasps* oh my gosh, the mystery continues...

Not that late: I was driving down the street when I saw a new big hoaring sign saying "Richard Ellis Real State", you know what I thought, right? Remember I live in Spain and it's not very usual to see foreign names.

Here Comes Another One: I'm on hold with the tax office and Mozart's Overture from the Marriage of Figaro is on. That makes me think not only of Python ('It's Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!' and the Ratcatcher sketch) but of Pythonliners, because we've been discussing Mozart on the Music thread!!!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93:

I was playing Okami on my Wii yesterday and this came up.
I lol'd.

He also says, "Of course she looked really hot in that bikini, too!"

Lvndr HppE at 12:59 pm October 31

lol! If this were facebook, I'd click "like". That so funny!