To those interested in fanfiction

Teehee... Yea... I see the red flag to go up among some of you.

But this is just an information thread.

To whoever cares...

I have written another story… more fluff this time. Not elaborating on that here.

But.. for the record.. in the terms of regular good old fashion fanfiction. My kind which involves angst and darkness (teehee) I’m writing one or two of those… both based on fictional characters this time.

Brave Sir Robin. I LOVE Robin… I think it’s sad he’s picked on for being the chicken. So… in my twisted, diabolical way I am going to show he is not a chicken and never was… it’s an act. And why he acts it.
This one will probably be rated R for language and blood.
For a short summery of this story it’ll be that Galahad and Robin did NOT go to the Gorge of Eternal Peril thanks to pure luck… Some how or another Galahad see’s scars on Robin or Robin pulls a very NOT chicken-like act. Which spikes curiosity. And as they walk away from the place they landed to go to a town or something Robin explains his story.
And I’m totally cutting of that damn mustache from Robin as well… just for the record.
To those who don't know me... which is everyone here, this will not be a Robin/Galahad as pairings take away from the story itself, I think. If there will be any pairing it will be done in a special sequel.

Arthur Pewty… yes I know… strange. Firstly it’s not a character by Eric… and when I do evil things it is usually my favorite character… but I like Arthur. His life sucks. So dull and everyone walks over him. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this. Either his inner angst about his life leading to him nearly making a… bad decision. Let’s put it that way. But in the end things look up (or perhaps more of a Life of Brian ending... where things don’t look up but he comes to terms with his shitty life more)
OR! And this is probably more likely… something happens which thrusts his normally dull, simple life into turmoil.
Know that picture of Mike crying in a closet? (have no idea what thats from but whatever) Yep… that’s the prompt for this turn of the story. So is the one with him covered in ketchup and tied up on that ship.
This one would be more actiony and adventury...
Perhaps I’d make some story with BOTH included. That wouldn’t be hard just longer.
Either way… both of these would also be R… for language... angst… and probably blood as well.
No pairing at all in this. Obviously. Not even a hint of it.

Yes… my good old genre of writing has followed me to this fandom. That other genre is fun and all but I feel much more confident with my action and adventure and things. Cause I know I can write that. I’m tired of waiting to see if I can write the other stuff by waiting for reviews in a dead community.

I’m posting this so anyone who is interested can go to my livejournal and read. When I start posting of course.

Since I’m obviously not posting them here.

Oh… and if there is a request… like which one you’d rather me write first. Lemme know. And I’ll work on that first. Cause both of these are so tentative I could drop them without a second thought if I don’t feel there’s interest and am not getting anywhere with writing.
(Or if there’s a different prompt you want, of the general nature of action, adventure, angst, evilness, and so forth let me know lol But remember I only do happy endings. No death or eternal peril or anything like that.)

Nearly forgot my livejournal is

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