The Time Has Come....

Read on : ) :) :) :) :) :)

I felt inspired to make a blog, which you will find,

here---> TheRealGilliamFan - A blog about all things Terry Gilliam

If anyone has a blog, I'd love to put a link to you in the sidebar. Paula, I already linked yours - check it out! :D

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TheRealGilliamFan: Thanks guys. I don't exactly have a "theme" or through-line per se for the blog. I'm just having fun with it, so I will update it with actual news I find, but also just include a lot of silly stuff because he is, after all, silly. And maybe I will blog my thoughts on his movies. And I'd love for people to post their thoughts too. In fact if anyone wants to post a guest blog entry, let me know!

Paute: Yeah!!! Added!!!


J.Gambolputty: I liked your blog! Brilliant stuff and wonderful backround and everything. And like genji, I too like your style ;) It has something that cought me to just keep hanging on the page..

I've got a one miserable blog in but it's not about Python really.. only about my private life, my strange thoughts and updating my training with my dog and all that claptrap.. And it's in finnish so it might be hard to read for the lots of you

TheRealGilliamFan at 8:38 pm November 06

"Claptrap" is one of my favorite words. For real. I'm happy to still link to you if you'd like. I will be happy to link to anyone's blogs here whether they are Python related or not! :D

gruggywoof: Great stuff, I'll definitely subscribe. :)

mrsCutout: Amazing!Just amazing!!!!!

genji: "Terry Gilliam is fucking brilliant."

I was hooked immediately. I think your style is ace.