todays kind gesture: check!

was going through stuff deciding what will come with me when I move and what wont. found 3 vhs:es that I now have on dvd. put notes on them "free movies" and put them in the window in the stair-case-hall in my house.
it was fawlty towers, mr bean and a zombie-movie. will be fun how long they last and witch will be taken first. :)

place your bets if you want to, I will go out and see in 30 mins/1 hour

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the_thina: AHA! just woke up and sneaked out in the stair-case-hall waeing just panties and a t-shirt, praying that I would not meet anyone (and I didnt) and all 3 were gone

Holly at 9:15 pm February 09

so they waited until the middle of the night to take them? I would have taken them in a sec.

the_thina: no one has taken them yet. so typical swedes, they will probobly call the cops with bomb-dogs before anyone dares to touch them. :(

WolfSpirit: Dunno... all I know is I WANT Fawlty Towers lol. But I fail at guessing things so i won't even try lol

Kasmira: really hope it'd be Fawlty Towers but my guess is also Mr Bean.

thewastelandr at 12:36 pm February 08

I think in America it would be... ;) Fawlty Towers is amazing!

Kasmira at 1:34 pm February 08

Yes... I don't know how many even knows Fawlty Towers... I didn't know it before I fell in love with Monty Python. Shame on me...

WolfSpirit at 2:04 pm February 10

I actually did know of Fawlty Towers and A Fish Called Wanda... just saw either (and still havent though i want to)

thewastelandr at 2:28 pm February 08

Same here! We were ignorant until Python... thank God for Python!

Kasmira at 8:19 am February 09

They changed my life :) I'm on a Monty Python trip and there's no way back to previous life but I don't care, I just love it :)

thewastelandr: My guess... Mr. Bean.