Top of the Pythons: Christmas Number One!


Well, it's been a while. It didn't seem like Top of the Pythons would work every week so I decided to move it to monthly - then I promptly forgot about it.

But now it's back!!! What will you choose for Christmas Number One?

You have enough money to buy FIVE TO SEVEN singles during December. You're in Pythonworld, so you can choose any Python or Python-related song. Python-related means solo efforts by the boys, pre-Python stuff, or Neil Innes/Bonzos.

The numbers will be counted around Christmas Eve and the winner revealed!

Here are mine (in no particular order)

Galaxy Song
Hello Mabel
Miss World
Rhubarb Tart
When Does A Dream Begin
I'm So Worried
Meaning of Life Theme Song

Happy 'purchasing'!

Despotic Head of Pythonworld Music Industry

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Here Comes Another One: Guys - you do realise you're supposed to post your own list, right? I guess it's so long since I did this that maybe I should have posted the 'rules' in more detail. Links to the first two threads are below. So MrsC, you can nominate Christmas in Heaven as one of your 5-7 songs. :-D

mrsCutout: Hahaha this is great!! Im so worried is great for xmas!Although galaxy song and hello mabel are very favorite of mine.WHy not Christmas in Heaven?That's what I always listen to!!

Colonel Daughter at 7:09 am December 05

ohno--now I'll sing Christmas in Heaven all day .. it never gets out of my head..

Dooooctooor!! are you the brain specialiiiiist????

mrsCutout at 3:10 pm December 05

HAHAHAHA!Sorry for that! it's an xmas must!! HELLO??

Colonel Daughter: Christmas song?
I can only say: "Let's have a ding dong!" (from "the Visitors")
That's the only song I wanto to hear this Christmas! XD
Oh, and "Hunting Tigers" by the BDDD Band !