Top of the Pythons Week 1

As you can see, Week 1 Number 1 has now been decided! See below for 'chart'!

Imagine this ... you live in Pythonworld, where everything is Monty Python related. You're fourteen years old, and your mum's given you enough pocket money to buy three singles. You go to the record shop and find that every Monty Python song ever recorded is available on single, and competing for this week's number one!

I, HCAO, am The Record Industry in this world. Tell me which three singles you buy, out of all Python songs, however well known or obscure. And on Saturday morning my time (Friday night most-people-here's time) I will tally up your 'purchases' and reveal the Python Number One!

My three singles are:

- The Galaxy Song
- I'm So Worried
- I've Got Two Legs

I hope you guys will join in! :-)

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Here Comes Another One: Well, Pythonworld citizens - thanks for buying your singles! There isn't a clear chart but there IS a clear Number One. The chart below includes all the songs that got more than one vote.

I'm So Worried, Eric the Half A Bee, Philosophers' Song and Sit On My Face all come joint fifth.
I've Got Two Legs and Decomposing Composers come joint fourth.
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life and Galaxy Song come joint third
Medical Love Song comes second ...



I'll hand over to the chairman of the British 'Well Basically' Club.

Well, basically, we need more people, or possibly less songs to choose from, or possibly MORE opportunities to vote ... any suggestions for making the competition fiercer would be most welcome! Suggestions so far point to three songs not being enough, which I will take on board. I'll start another thread for next week and we'll see how we go! This was fun!

Yours sincerely,
The Pythonworld Music Industry.

Colonel Daughter at 3:16 am October 30

Well, basically, I'm content with a second place for MLS, and basically very happy for 'Lumberjack' !!

genji at 12:14 am October 30

I suppose it was always going to be a biggie first time round. I'm glad 'Lumberjack Song' song beat 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'. I feel quite ambivalent towards the latter.

Here Comes Another One at 12:28 am October 30

Same here :-)

Not that late at 3:32 am October 30

I'm happy too for the Lumberjack song!

Can we get our pay again, mom, and go to buy another three singles?

genji: Oh yeah, it's the big countdown this evening, isn't it?

Lvndr HppE: Hmmm. First of all, I have to love Pythonworld. Now, for my three singles:
1) Lumberjack Song
2) Bright Side of Life
3) Galaxy Song

Here Comes Another One: Oh by the way, you know how there's been 'Get "..." to Number One campaigns on Facebook?' Maybe we should start one for whichever Python song we vote Number One! It could be worth a try ...

genji at 6:56 am October 28

Possibly, but I'm sure there'll be hundreds of similar attempts after Rage Against the Machine. It could be fun but the chances of being successful are slim I would think.

Here Comes Another One at 7:25 am October 28

Yes, and what occurred to me after I'd posted that was, the more attempts there are, the more spread out the consumers, and the less likely that the end goal, i.e. one in the eye for Simon bloody Cowell, would come off.

Just spotted Paute's vote below - it'd be so great to see Eric The Half A Bee sell more records than the X-factor. *Wistful sigh*

genji at 7:32 am October 28

"Cyril Connolly..."

It might be worth a try, I'd just temper the efforts with realistic expectations.

I'm not sure how many Python songs are available through a variety of outlets (iTunes, Amazon, CD, etc.) - I don't think Mr. Idle's 'FCC Song' is available on iTunes, for instance. It would have to be one with the widest possible availability. 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' and... er - that might be it.

Paute: The bright side of life (My funeral┬┤s song)
Galaxy Song
Medical Song.

The meaning of Life
Eric half a bee

killerrabit444: umm my three are the lumberjack song the song sir robins minstrels sing and bright side of life

arkennedy at 2:05 pm October 27

If I could choose a fourth song it would be the one Sir Robin's Minstrels sang :)

dancing_shoes_ at 2:53 am October 28

Galaxy Song
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Medical Love Song

genji at 9:29 pm October 27

Well, you can buy it next week.

arkennedy: The Galaxy Song
The song from Dennis Moore
and The Lumberjack Song are my three choices.

gruggywoof at 5:29 am October 28

Oh, I forgot about the Dennis Moore song! Always next week, I suppose...

Here Comes Another One at 5:44 am October 28

I felt like that; I'd bought my 3 when I heard Rhubarb Tart for the first time...

Colonel Daughter: ONLY THREE????

1. Medical Love Song
2. Sit on my face
3. The Money Song

Runners up: Rudyard Kipling; I'm so worried; The Brian Song.

Colonel Daughter at 11:59 am October 26

---(I'm so worried: the version on the "hastily cobbled together..." album is fantastic!)---

thewastelandr: 1. Decomposing Composers
2. Sit on my Face
3. Philosopher's Song

Tanya_Birklid19: Well, here's my three:

1. Lumberjack Song
2. I've Got Two Legs
3. Philosopher's Song

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Ah, well until my paper round, here's my three:

1. I'm So Worried.
2. Decomposing Composers.
3. Eric the Half-A-Bee.

thewhoserpython: This week I would buy...
- Medical Love Song
-Lumberjack Song
- Henry Kissinger

Here Comes Another One: Great, guys, keep 'em coming! We'll go up to five next week. Let's say you get a paper round, haha :-)

gruggywoof: What a fun idea for a thread, here's mine:

1. I've Got Two Legs
2. Rhubarb Tart! (Not disparaging the blueberry pie, of course.)
3. And 'Two of Us', from DNAYS. So cute.

I agree with Mr. Genji, Neil needs his own thread, but picking three songs would be difficult!

genji at 9:30 am October 27

Well, maybe if this becomes a weekly or monthly chart show then you could combine them both because you'd be allowed to buy three singles each time.

I wonder if you're allowed to buy the same single more than once, e.g. if there are different versions?

J.Gambolputty: Oh bloody hell!! Three certainly isn't enough. Five would be good. Horrible, but I'll try..
1. Medical Love Song
2. Decomposing Composers
3. Finland Song OR Lumberjack Song (sorry but I couldn't deciede between these two)

genji at 6:18 am October 26

If you can't decide then you don't buy either.

J.Gambolputty at 6:23 am October 26

Or, I'll just steal the other one ;)

genji at 6:36 am October 26

Good move. Which one are you buying and which are you stealing then?

Here Comes Another One at 7:08 am October 26

If you don't buy it the sale doesn't go into the system and it doesn't count towards the chart - you'd better decide which one you're buying!

J.Gambolputty at 7:57 am October 26

All right all right.. I'll take Lumberjack song.

genji: 3 isn't enough to include Neil Innes songs (it's not really enough to cover Python songs) so I hope you'll do another thread for Innes-related stuff.

My Python choices would be:
- I Like Chinese
- Every Sperm Is Sacred
- Eric the Half a Bee

Next week I'll probably buy:
- Bruces' Philosophers Song
- I've Got Two Legs
- Galaxy Song

Not that late: I'll go with the classics:
- Always Look on the bright side
- The Lumberjack song
- (and my weakness) Medical Love song