Top of the Pythons Week 2

And Week 2's number one is...

Well, actually it's a tie between Galaxy Song and Neil Innes' When Does A Dream Begin. Good choices - two of my favourites there! Galaxy Song is above, and When Does A Dream Begin can be found here:

Thanks for playing!

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Here Comes Another One: ORIGINAL POST:

Your efforts have brought Lumberjack Song to Number One in the last week!

What will you choose this time?

The rules for the coming week (30 Oct-5 Nov) are slightly different. Your mum's still giving you the same pocket money, but now you've got a paper round as well! It doesn't pay much, but it does mean you can buy yourself some sweets on the way home from school, and it also enables you to bring your total weekly singles to FIVE!

So what will you buy this week? Remember - it can be any Python or Python-related song, which means solo efforts by the boys, pre-Python stuff, or Neil Innes/Bonzos.

Here are my five for this week.

1. Rhubarb Tart (John Cleese, from 1948 Show)
2. Henry Kissinger (Eric Idle, from Contractual Obligation album)
3. Miss World (Terry Jones, from DNAYS)
4. Hello Mabel (Bonzos)
5. Love Is A Cylindrical Piano (Bonzos/Eric Idle, from DNAYS)

Happy purchasing!

gruggywoof: Oops, almost forgot! Here's mine for this week:

When Does A Dream Begin?
The Ferret Song (ISIRTA)
By A Waterfall (Bonzos)
Decomposing Composers
Miss World (DNAYS)

Here Comes Another One: Last chance to vote, guys...

genji at 2:19 am November 05

If you don't get many more votes in today maybe you should switch to a monthly countdown? Or give songs 5 points if it was someone's first choice, 4 points for second, etc.

Here Comes Another One at 3:00 am November 05

Yes, I agree with you. Some good ideas for a points system, too.

A. Lupin: 1. Here Comes Another One
2. Camelot!
3. Not Yet Dead
4. When Does A Dream Begin
5. German Lumberjack Song

Here Comes Another One: We need more people in the proverbial teachest! Come on - if you haven't 'bought your singles' yet, get your votes in! *looks very cute* Pleeeeease?

Colonel Daughter: 1. The Brian Song (studio version/demo)
2. Brave Sir Robin
3. Sit on my Face
4. Rudyard Kipling
5. Rainy Day In Berlin

thewastelandr: 1. Urban Spaceman
2. Oliver Cromwell (I can't believe I forgot this one last time!)
3. Monk's song from Holy Grail
4. Never be rude to an Arab (I always find this hilarious because I'm half Lebanese lol)
5. When does a Dream Begin?

Not that late: - Galaxy song
- Decomposing composers
- Sit on my face
- Accountancy shantee
- Money Song

genji: • How Swee-e-eet To Be An Idiot
• I Like Chinese (I scratched my last one)
• Galaxy Song
• Bruces' Philosophers Song
• I've Got Two Legs

J.Gambolputty: 1. Finland song
2. I'm so worried
3. Rhubarb tart song
4. Always look on the bright side of life
5. Galaxy song

Phew, that was hard..