towel day

dont forget to bring a towel with you everywhere you go on tuesday (25th)

and also... DONT PANIC

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Lvndr HppE: Wait. I don't get it. What's the reason for the towel?

the_thina at 5:52 pm May 24

if you need to take a ride with a space-ship. ^^

Lvndr HppE at 6:07 pm May 24

Oooh, I see. Well, as tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, I'm gonna take my towel to a park and read out in the sun. :-)

the_thina at 6:10 pm May 24

good! :) may I suggest you read the guide as well? ^^ here its after midnight now, so it IS today.

crzyltvn at 5:51 pm May 24

Have you read The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Lvndr HppE at 6:02 pm May 24

Not yet. It's on my list of books to read.

Lvndr HppE at 6:08 pm May 24

I saw the movie, but I still wanna read the book.

the_thina at 6:11 pm May 24

the movie cant be compared. I dont really like the movie, the book is a billion times better

thewastelandr at 8:59 pm May 24

The book is amazing, but I think they did a pretty good job with the movie. I mean Alan Rickman and Martin Freeman? Come on!!

the_thina at 9:07 pm May 24

good actors sadly is not the same thing as a good movie/script... I will always like the bbc-series better

thewastelandr at 9:09 pm May 24

The BBC series was great. Peter Davison is wonderful in it. But I do have a fondness for the movie. I really like how they portrayed certain aspects, but yeah it's impossible to capture the essence of the books.

the_thina at 9:16 pm May 24

yeah.+ that its hard to get it all in without making a 5 hour movie.... but much of the things I was laughing about the most when I read the book was not even in the movie. :(

Lvndr HppE at 6:22 pm May 24

It's like I always say :The book is always better than the movie. Unless it's The Notebook.

the_thina at 6:29 pm May 24

yes, but in this case its so much better that once you read the book, witch I did some 5-6 years before the movie was done the movie almost becomes painful

crzyltvn: I almost forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder. Now, to pick the proper towel.

the_thina at 7:39 pm May 23

I will take my old betty boop-towel I think. :)

crzyltvn at 7:40 pm May 23

I'm considering the Mickey Mouse one...or the one with the psychedelic looking palm tree things.

the_thina at 7:41 pm May 23

I lay my vote on LSD-palms! :)

crzyltvn at 7:43 pm May 23

I think I'll go with that one. Who knows, it might confuse a foe enough for me to escape.

the_thina at 9:06 pm May 23

or a cat... :)

crzyltvn at 4:32 pm May 24

I sadly own no cats, but they could appear out of nowhere, those little ninjas.

the_thina at 4:41 pm May 24

haha, yes they can. I have a cat, and hope she needs to be confused soon so the boys can come round my flat for a while and practice their art


towel: check
electric thumb: check
the giude: check
a cup of tea: ...hold on who took my tea?!

the_thina at 7:07 am May 23

cant watch that video, it is blocked by WMG it says. :/

Hanri at 8:26 am May 23

Right. Good to know. The company doesn't like me using Eagles music. Here's a link to MashCast that let's me publish it. :) ->

Jatta at 11:01 am May 23

It get's kind of boring to say this yet again... but that was bwilliant piece of work :) especially the rubberduck was a nice touch :D Where do you get these ideas? :)

the_thina at 9:07 am May 23

very nice work! :D
could you be a doll and post the pic of douglas that was in the end? really like it. :)

Hanri at 1:42 pm May 23

That was one of my first mashes, pitty it washed away with the POL update, gotta upload it again here when I get round to it. I had just a) watched the movie for the millionth time, b) read some parts of the book again (I had read it before), c) listened the bbc radio show of it the billionth time, and d) found the Eagles' original track wich made me fall for the band in the first place, so I was kinda psyched about the Guide all the way at the time.

And Jatta, it's this is the first appearance of the rubber duck in my mashes, and since then it became my favorite object to use. :)

Jatta at 9:43 am May 24

I think it's the rubber duck that makes all the difference :) Have you seen the BBC series of Guide?

the_thina at 10:43 am May 24

I have, I have! and I think that is far better than the movie

Hanri at 11:12 am May 24

Yeah I've seen it! The script is about the same as the radio drama series, very loyal to the book, thank heavens. :) Despite the movie is not that loyal to the story, it's loyal to the spirit I say, but yes many things are better in the series than in the film.

Jatta, have you listened the Finnish version of the radio series? I've found like the first 4 episodes, and even if the script is the same as in the original language and the episodes are the same lenght, the Finnish version seems to move on sooooo sloooow..... But a lot of really good actors there. And yeah, just gotta love the duckie. :D

Jatta at 11:56 am May 24

I do like the series better, but then again there is only so much one can do in about 2 hours... so I don't think they can really be compared.
I've heard the Finnish radioversion too. And I'm really glad I'm not the only one thinking it's reaaalllly slooooow... :D Actors are good indeed and the story is good, it's just the speed that seems to be missing.

the_thina at 11:25 am May 24

well... my friend stefan who has douglas as his number one hero said about the movie "its good that douglas died before it was finnished, otherwise he would have died of shame when he saw it"
only thing in the mocie I really like is alan rickmans voice as marvin

Hanri at 1:22 pm May 24

Well I love the fact that Simon fricking Jones is included in the film. Somehow, I still like the radio series the best, better than the tv series. The tv series is also tending to move on slow, since they originally left silent pauses there for added canned laughter, which they THANK GOD gave up on, that would have slaughtered the mood.

Simon is a killer Arthur.

My theory on why the Finnish versions tempo is so much slower than the original is, that in our language we need less individual words to give out the message than in English. Maybe? Dunno. Could be just the cultural difference or something.

the_thina at 1:26 pm May 24

yeah, the radio-show is brilliant. I also have the audio-books, read by douglas himself. <3

Hanri at 2:15 pm May 24

Oooooooo I so envy you!! Gotta get my hands on those some day!

the_thina at 2:22 pm May 24

haha. well, I have them all as mp3s, if thats enough for you maybe we can work something out. :)

Hanri at 2:23 pm May 24

Sounds delish! Gotta go to bed now, but we'll get back on this. :)

the_thina at 2:28 pm May 24

sure thing. drop me a PM with your adress and Ill make you a record and send when I get money. maybe I can fit some records/mp3s from my python-folder as well. :)