Tribute (Small One) to The Pythons

As a giant fan of the Monty Python crew ever since I was young boy, this is my little tribute to one the greatest comedy troupes I have ever known. I come from all the way from Malaysia(one of the few countries where "Holy Grail" is banned for some odd reason). The drawing is meant to be a reference to one of the ideas the Python crew initially had for Life Of Brian. Loved the idea of it, so I decided to doodle it out in the middle of a college lecture.

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margaretthatcher: you are supposed to say "jesus christ" and never split the two names up, otherwise it is heresy. you know, i love you anyway. good luck finding the parts of that plane that disappeared in your midst. i hope you can find the part with the black box.

honeyvaccine_: Lol! Awesome work!~