a truly magnificent picture

I saw this picture and my heart basically melted so I though I would share it with you guys because a melted heart actually feels pretty good : )

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mrsCutout: I had this pic cut off a magazine for years and never noticed whre they were sitting!!! Oh dear! i love them here!!!!


I have seen this meny times before, but it still makes me happy. :)
thank you.
I give you one taken at the same time I saw for the first time just a month ago.
aaaaaw, CUTE BOYS!

The Ex-Leper at 4:41 pm November 20

they are all so adorable it's ridiculous (but oh so good!)

the_thina at 4:50 pm November 20

yes they are. and look what they are sitting on! eric is brave climbing up on that! and I think that jones and gray are sitting on chears stacked on top of eatchother as well, even higher up! :O
HELP! (Im soooo afraid of hights, can hardly even stand on a chair to change the light-bolb)

The Ex-Leper at 5:12 pm November 20

OOOHHHH!!!! I didn't even notice that I am terrified of heights as well I don't even like people to pick me up! : O

the_thina at 5:18 pm November 20

yeah same here. a friend of mine (boy) once huged me, picked me up and started spinning around. I was terrified, shocked (he is very tall and skinny and I had no idea he was that strong) and laughing at the same time. thank god I was a bit drunk, otherwise I would panic

The Ex-Leper at 5:32 pm November 20

yes even looking at pictures taken from the tops of tall buildings makes my feet tingle

The Ex-Leper at 5:33 pm November 20

actually, after you drew my attention to those stacked chairs in the picture when I looked at it again my feet started tingling!

the_thina at 5:43 pm November 20

yes I know what you mean. since you are a python-fan I supose you have seen brothers grimm? you know when he is climbing around on the roof of the tower, I just crawl up in the corner of the bed and hold my breath and cant hardly look. even if I know it is made with bluescreen.

The Ex-Leper at 5:48 pm November 20

oh yes I love that movie and I know exactly what you are talking about because that scene scared the shite out of me and I almost couldn't watch it!

the_thina at 5:50 pm November 20

yeah, its one of the best movies gilliam has ever made. so dark and beautiful. <3
but no matter how meny times I have seen it that scene still makes me very scared.