So, who's on Twitter? What's your twit-sig?

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LaiSan: @LaiSan_C

Holly: @HollyP82

mrsCutout: I am not!...don't make me jealous!

A. Lupin at 5:30 pm September 22

T'is okay, mrsCutout! We simple folk shall band together for protection against this "Twitter." I wonder if a pointed stick shall offer any defense ... or perhaps a handful of lychee berries. Mmm lychee, okay don't get me started on lychee!!

Paute: The only I´m proud is because John Cleese follow me.

He´s accout: @JohnCleese

TheRealGilliamFan at 12:56 pm September 21

Cleese follows you? How COOL!

Paute at 1:49 pm September 21

Blackmail him

Holly at 8:59 pm September 21

lol, how did you blackmail him?

mrsCutout at 1:28 pm September 22

hhaha yeah I want that too!

Paute at 5:26 pm September 22

Hahahaha was a joke!

TheRealGilliamFan: I think I'm following you all now... so far. Ok, so are we all going to start tweeting about International Monty Python Day?

genji at 12:44 pm September 21

Hmmm... #MPD appears to be in use by some desert headlamp sale thing, and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept. have #IMPD sewn up, although that looks to be a shortlived flash in the pan.

TheRealGilliamFan at 12:50 pm September 21

I'm also using #MontyPython and #October5th -- do we really need the acronym hashtag? Why not just #MontyPythonDay then?

genji at 10:11 pm September 21

That's probably the best idea, although hashtags work best if they're short enough for people to type quickly and don't eat into your 140 character limit as much. #IMPD doesn't have many tweets associated with it.

Tanya_Birklid19: @luvs_MP

genji at 9:18 am September 21

Your twitter avatar's interesting. Where's it from? Is it just a one-off sketch or is it from some kind of Spanish Inquisition comic book?

Lvndr HppE: @LvndrHppE

Hanri: @Hanri_

How original!

clockworkgirl21: I have a twitter, but I'm a follower. I never post anything.
And that twatter pic is both offensive and hilarious.

genji at 10:00 pm September 20

Oh crikey. I didn't even notice the picture. I just went for the word.

the_thina at 5:41 am September 21

haha, sure you did, sure you did.... you know that twat is just another word for female genitals? haha

Lvndr HppE at 8:31 am September 21

I didn't know that. I thought it was the same as calling someone a loser.

the_thina at 8:33 am September 21

well, from what I have understood it can be both. just as you can call someone pussy, and it in the same time is a word for female genitals, and cats. haha.

Holly at 9:01 pm September 21

I've heard it too, although my mind tends to be in the gutter so I know alot of offensive thigs

genji at 9:25 am September 21

You're quite right, it is (and I honestly didn't notice it last night - HONESTLY!) but there are so many other such euphemisms that I don't think I've heard it used that way, or not since I was at school anyway. Like its much more offensive synonym ('what a silly bunt'), it's generally used to mean either complete idiot or cruel bastard.

the_thina at 9:35 am September 21

yes. I dont really like the name-calling of genital words as insults, just as I dont like words like "faggot" or "dyke" as insults. (that kind of name-calling is going on here in sweden too) but thats a different story

Paute: @Paula_Python

the_thina: do a search on thina hederstedt and I should be the only one that pops up. Im also the only one with that name on facebook. maybe the only thina hederstedt in the world. only about 100 thinas with h in the name here in sweden, and only 3 different families named hederstedt here.
now Im drifting off. hah. sorry

TheRealGilliamFan: @RealGilliamFan