updated version of some python animated gifs

These are the same images that I posted in Some Animated Python Gifs: http://pythonline.com/media/some-python-animated-gifs (plus a few new ones) but they have been edited to be faster.

I know for some of you the images were moving very slowly on your computers so I used photoscape to speed the gifs up. Hopefully they won't be as slow this time around.

I had attempted to also include one gif that included all the other gifs in this thread but the program I was using kept freezing ( I guess that many frames was more than it could handle) which is why there are some gifs here that go from the last image in ine gif to the first image in the next. However, I still like the effects in those gifs so I've included them here are well.

If you want to make gifs like these go to the link above and you'll find out how.

feedback is welcome.

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the_thina: yes, now they are faster and when they are they got (in my oppinion) much cooler. :)

arkennedy at 7:55 pm August 24

Thanks for the feedback :) I'm glad you enjoyed the updated gifs and I'm happy they are working better now.

the_thina at 8:02 pm August 24

no problem. :) I always enjoy your small handyworks, you know that.