Various Python Collages

I've been trying out effects again.

The image on the bottom is my favorite.

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another collage (this one took awhile. The editor I used for it has a lot more options than I was aware of at first).


Once again I've been playing around with effects. This college is yet another result of that.

I have several image editors on my computer and each college is a result of the effect achieved from one image editor. Except for the images I posted to start this thread. I used the same editor for all three of those colleges.

In order to combine all the pics into a college (except for the bottom image in the main section of this thread) I'm using photoscape.

What better way to test image effects than by using Python pics? I plan to post more Python colleges in this thread as I make them.

arkennedy at 12:06 am January 29

Let's try posting that image again. It seems like it didn't work before.

arkennedy at 12:55 am January 31

Okay looks like it worked the first time after all. I couldn't see the image yesterday, though.

Here is a college with effects I forget to include in the college above (the one i posted twice by mistake)


Here is another collage I made while trying out effects.

the_thina at 1:06 am January 28

you know, I really want to go through your collectionof pics of our darlings. I dont have about 50% of those, and I thought my python-folder is huge... were do you find them all?

arkennedy at 12:15 am January 28

And here is also another collage I made while trying out effects.

the_thina: really cool! the enjoyed gray and john, can you upload the original pic of gray? looks so cute!

the_thina at 11:41 pm January 26

enjoyed. why did I say that? haha. FAIL! I ment, the one with gray and john in the same.

arkennedy at 9:18 am January 28

Many of mine are found by using the image search on various search engines. Mostly Yahoo, Google and Ask.

Here is a list of some other search engines I use:

arkennedy at 11:43 pm January 26

Thanks, I had fun making these pics :)

Do you mean this one?

the_thina at 12:06 am January 27

YES! oh how cute! I love him in longer hair. so cute cute cute CUTE!

arkennedy at 11:47 pm January 26

And here is the pic of John I used

arkennedy at 11:48 pm January 26

and here is the image with both