a very BIG(gles) project

hello everyone!

recently I wrote a song for our late and beloved RSM Biggles, aka Andrew Shufford. I guess all the newbyes didn't have the time to talk to him, or know very little about him.

Now, as in May it will be the first anniversary since his missing, dunno why this song came to me in a dream... I'm gonna post it right below so that you can read it.

Now, the project will include a mash and anyone who is able to make MashCast work is welcome to join the crew! sign up here with your PO nickname and real name and then send me through e-mail your msn contact (if you have).

read the text and try to find some inspiration! any feedback is welcome...

Valeria aka TheSister91


You left me here all by myself
Looking for you here and there

I've been talking to you not so hhonestly
And I regret so many things now

Now you're flying high with angels
Leading your never-ending path

But please, smile from up above
There are some angels here on Earth
Still waiting for you

You left us all with pain in hearts
And all your love and care

Nobody knows, nobody dares just to see it through
It seems like eternity is between you and I


How can I describe the sorrow of those who really cared
But please don't blame me I'm on the wrong side of the Earth


Now my heart is crying for the things I never said
I hope you can hear them when I pray in tears at night

Tonight, I'll be thinking of you and I
Only you can know how much life can be hard

CHORUS + we are all here for you (waiting for you)
waiting for you (waiting for you)
everyone waits (waiting for you)
waits for the sun to rise again (waiting for you)
on the day you come home again

- If you want to add a line or two, you're welcome to write it in your comment. It can be everything: a sound, a feeling, a thought, a memory, an experience. Just one thing: it must BE yours, it must belong to YOU and ONLY YOU!
thanks again -

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TheSister91: I've updated this post.. since summer is coming I guess some of us have much more spare time to dedicate to this project... I really hope we can bring it to life for our beloved friend. thanks again

Hanri at 1:30 pm May 29

Aw man, we really need to finish this project. Damn I hope I would be a better player, it's a really important thing to finish.

TheSister91 at 1:52 pm May 29

even though I was looking for a piano player we can arrange it for the guitar!

BroMaynardG: It's been a long time
Now I'm coming back home
I've been away now
Oh how, I've been alone

Wait till I come back to your side
We'll forget the tears we've cried

But if your heart breaks
Don't wait, turn me away
And if your heart's strong
Hold on, I won't delay

Wait till I come back to your side
We'll forget the tears we've cried

Coming back brought out a stream. I've been making jokes for almost a year. Few caught on.

Seeing POL on Facebook had me talking to people, who I knew were "ancient" Mariners (sorry members). Who split! One thing in common - Biggles. That's why most vanish-ed.

Thank you Valeria, a fwiend who has fertilized my crops and made me laugh. Your song reminded me of the song I cut and pasted.

TheSister91 at 7:45 am March 24

thanks to you Bro.... :)

thewastelandr at 9:38 pm March 23

Zee Bea-tles! Vaaary nice!

thewastelandr at 9:38 pm March 23

(that was supposed to be a Russian accent)

BroMaynardG: I am glad that I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome! (Say Hi to the Sis!)

BroMaynardG: I am glad that I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Rome! (Say Hi to the Sis!)

kermit: Wow has it been that long already? Nice song TheSister91

TheSister91 at 11:54 am March 23

yep.. it's almost a year.. :( thanks Kermy!!

BroMaynardG at 12:28 pm March 23

Hey Kermy, long time no talk to.

BroMaynardG at 12:30 pm March 23

POL just appeared on Facebook. So maybe, we will be back in droves!

mrsCutout at 7:55 am March 24

oh yes! I just became a fun! !!


Nice song. I think doing a Mash for Biggles is a good idea.

As for my contribution:

Here are a few images of Biggles with various light effects you can use in your mash if you like. Just let me know which effect you like the best and I can post the individual image for you. If you would prefer to see an effect in a different color (I can do that for all but the glow effect) just let me know which color and I'll post that as well.

TheSister91 at 11:53 am March 23

thanks arky!! oh well.. these pics are really awesome.. I love all the effects! thank you again!

arkennedy at 2:32 pm March 23

You're welcome:) Once again if you'd like to see any of the effects in a different color just let me know which color and which effect.

If you're wonder which programs I used let me know and I'll be happy to give you the links.

Lvndr HppE: Awww, I'm sorry to hear about your lost comrade. I lost a loved one last May, and it's still a bit of a shock to know that she's really gone.

BroMaynardG at 1:32 pm March 23

This place DIED shortly thereafter. He died of having too big of a heart. I enjoyed being juxtaposed against Senor Biggles. If I were a Gladiator, he is whom I would want to cover my back.

mrsCutout: WOW! you know RSM Biggles i knew form old PO but before i registered so i had not the chance to get to know him very well! just talked one or two times...i don 't know the whole story though! I'd be happy to do anything! So i am in! What do i do now?? I Mean what does the project involve?

TheSister91 at 11:53 am March 23

if you can play any instrument or you're just involved in music or mashing it's ok!

mrsCutout at 3:03 pm March 23

ok i can play the piano and the sax and study music since i was 7!

TheSister91 at 7:46 am March 24

wow! then I should contact you!!