very cute men.

just a very cute (and new!) picture I found.
sorry if its in here, but cant remember seeing it here before

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marga: i think they are -still- the coolest guys in the world :D humor keeps you young!

iamcomathegrim: so much talent, in so many ways! haha ;)

mrs.twoshedsgallahad: haha terry showing his knee....I love how John is only one in jeans.

Lady April at 11:52 am November 01

I see his shin anyway, I love how John and Michael are just so happy together in this one!

the_thina at 12:42 am October 25

someone else might be wearing black jeans. ;)

Lady April: LOVE IT!!!

WackyQueen: They make me happy. :D <3

mrsCutout: Oh...all of them together!All these gorgeous men together!I love them! So different and still the have vreated so many great thingys and have unated all those many people!

cmc85: ah, yes! they're all still very handsome indeed! they went from cheeky little schoolboys to nice-looking elderly gentlemen, who are still capable being naughty. (sighs) i wish i could sleep with them all, or better yet, how 'bout a six-way? a six-way!? HAHA! i just had to say that! i'm such a bad girl!

the_thina at 1:04 pm October 23

hahahaha. naughty naughty girl! ^^
but I agree on that they are all very good-looking, but the rest... eeer. haha XD

WackyQueen at 3:45 pm October 23

cmc85, word! :D

chrismom07 at 2:27 pm October 24

yummm!:P well maybe just micheal lol

WackyQueen at 4:04 pm October 24

ehehe, and terry. :)
and eric!
and john!
and terry!

the_thina at 4:53 pm October 24

exactly! I do think that all of them (graham too when he was alive) are very cute. cute in different ways, but still cute. but then again I find humor very attractive, so anyone who can make me laugh is cute in my way of seeing it, no matter how they look