vivian stanshall/paul mccartney

ok, just found this and it made me laugh like crazy.
a little video suggesting that viv was the man pretending to be macca after the deathcrash in 66.
just wondering how viv could keep up being TWO men from 66 to 95... seems like a hell of a job.
and no, Im not one of those who think paul is dead, and I do belive that viv sadly is...
but still, found this extremely funny

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Baldwin: Paul McCartney is best recognized as one of the beginning member of The Beatles; originally call the Quarrymen before altering their person's name to the Silver Beatles and finally The Beatles.

Alainainthesky: That was pretty amusing.
I like how him wearing a ring with a beetle on it meant he was Paul, haha.

the_thina at 6:04 pm August 25

haha, yeah. I think its even a scarab. the ones that were holy in old egypt you know.

mo: This is brilliant.Thankyou.:)

the_thina at 10:30 am August 21

haha... yes I know. and have to say, the song is the perfect choise for the theory as well. in a beatles-movie he sings about a death-bringing carcrash with someone cute. spooky! hah!

mo at 1:22 pm August 21

That'll be Magical Mystery Tour.:)

the_thina at 1:33 pm August 21

haha yes, great movie that, I was laughing my head off. was completely sober when I started watching, after I felt like I had been doing some weird drugs. haha