Watch Python with me!

I decided it's time to challenge myself. I'm planning to watch one piece of Python production (one episode of a series, a movie, a documentary..) every week, until I run out of Python. Doesn't seem like much of a challenge, since I LOVE Python, but given that there are 13 episodes in most of FC's, there's the 1948 Show, DNAYS, Fawlty Towers, Ripping Yarns, all the movies (including the solo ones), and the travel series and history docs..... I figured out a preliminary schedule and seems like I'm gonna be done some time in February or March 2016. But I think I can do it!

I am inviting you to join me on this quest! Here on this thread I will post my experiences along the way (ideal would be commenting on every week when I get to watch the piece, but let's hope I get a good flow going), and everybody is free to share their's.

I doesn't matter what day you watch the episode or movie in turn, just try to watch it during that week on whatever day suits you best, and if you miss a week or two (since we do sometimes travel or do other stuff), you can catch up on a week you get back cooking. And if you don't have a certain series or movie home on dvd or other, feel free to skip those weeks or plan on purchasing them in time for the watch-along, whatever floats your boat. (I know I have to try and find certain movies like Jabberwocky or doc series like Crusades in time, and now I have a good excuse to speed myself up! :)

It's just as if it was on tv last night! But everybody is tuning in on the Python channel all over the world! So wonderful!

The preliminary schedule is here behind this link (let's hope it works): Python Quest (full list)

Feel free to comment and/or suggest changes or additions to the schedule and JOIN ME!

First up starting from tomorrow: Monty Python's Flying Circus Season 1, Episode 1!

Yours from the Python section, aisle four,
Regimental Sergeant Major II
Python Army HeadQuarters

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Hanri: Now that I'm back in business (touch wood), I found that the link to the Python Quest list is unavailable. Though it is, I will modify it slightly (since we have new content to add), post it in a readable form and get back to MPFC s1e6 asap.

cony: Hi Hanri,
so nice to hear from you, especially that the only reason for your delay is work.
Yes, work can spoil you the whole day ;-)...
Hope to get into discussions soon again!

cony: Hi Hanri,
where are your comments on episode 6-9?
Something wrong with you or just holidays?
I had 2 weeks of holidays and have to come back to normal life ;-)...
Hope to hear or read from you soon!

Hanri at 6:01 am July 20

Hi there!

Sorry I haven't been posting comments on a few episodes for the past weeks, I have been so jammed up with my work, as it is every summer sadly... But soon I will get a grip and post the missing comments in super speed, so I get back on schedule!! (no drugs, honest)

Thanks for hanging in there, keep on watching!

Hanri: Thought I'd multitask this week and do video comments while I was alone in the office preparing for a girl camp which starts on Monday. So you see me doing origami while I babble and try to find the right words and expressions. It was a long day. But a fun episode nevertheless!

So here we go, s1e5, everybody! ->

Hanri at 7:43 am June 06

It's the part I cut out of the video, but I was gonna say the same thing about waiting for the Lumberjack Song to burst out. :) And a light sliding here to the world of Mr. Gumby..... Introducing the origins to future audiences!

cony at 3:11 pm June 04 be continued (pushed some wrong button...):

Eric playing chess and Graham as a Bobby (name Thatcher, of one of the persons the Pythons liked a lot ;-)!) who wants to get Eric on drugs.
How bad that in the paper bag he tries to leave at Eric's there are only sandwiches...

Nice sketch with Eric as a thief and an newsreader to confuse us!

Leading to the match of the day, no, sorry, the romantic film with Terry J and Carol C with starts with heavy action, lovely film sequences to illustrate the action going on, but not ending well for Carol.

The management training course: John as excellent as he can be with silly faces, little bells to ring, trying to confuse Graham.

Michael as a very unhappy leader of the career advisory board, another person with the wrong job (I nearly waited for the Lumberjack's song, but no, its in series no. 9, we have to wait a little!).

At last Eric pretending to be a burglar instead of saying he is a salesman of encyclopaedias to get in John's house...

What has all that to do with the title "Man's crisis of identity in the latter half of the twentieth century"?
I mean, a lot!
We see problems with jobs, authorities, sex, cats... well, have we really, more than 40 years later, solved these problems????
Very much looking for the next one!


cony at 2:47 pm June 04

My admiration for you Hanri, multitasking, doing such nice origami things while talking about series no. 5!
I can only write with the dictonary always on may side... well, now to series no. 5:
begins with the It's man heavily rowing, well done, MP!

One of my alltime-favorite sketch follows, Confuse A Cat (ltd.).
I have actually no cat but had some in the past and therefore admire a lot the cat on the lawn looking holes in the universum.
I know that cats never do things they are supposed to do, therefore I bet that this sketch is based on a true story with a true cat ;-)!
The veterinarian Graham, as a authority person, speeks at the beginning dirctly to the camera, to us, a thing I mentioned some time before in some series with some Python.
A real Brecht thing to break up the illusion of filming!
The Confuse-A-Cat ltd.: isn't it strange that such a ltd. works with military persons and habits?
Well done the acting in stop motion.
And at last it helped (I bet it was the pinguin on the hopping thing which confuses the cat the most or was it Eric in towel???), the cat was saved and there was no money to pay!

The customs sketch:
a very clumsy smuggler but also very vain when the customs officer didn't believe that he is a smuggler. I can understand that!

Discussion about custom things: I love the men in the street (vox populi) where - if my mem'ry serves me well - for the first time we have some Gumby-style persons, Michael silly and wearing such a nice pullunder and John without pullunder but with handkerchief on the head and gum boots.

Hanri: Hello again! And no, I didn't miss an episode, I did watch it twice right on schedule (that's how I roll), just lacked time for making a video about my comments as I planned, so I missed only the comments dead line.. Sorry 'bout that, on with the s1e4 insight!

So now we know the It's man is a starving actor, desperate to make it to his only line. But it's his only line! And it's not even the line! Poor guy.

Speaking of only lines, queue the two "only" lines that follow the whole episode tying all the sketches together. You can name the two lines, can't you? :) And there's quite a bit of undressing and sort of slapstick parts in this episode. Maybe the repetition of certain things make the Python form more crowd pleasing, meaning that more and more peeps have ledges to grasp onto if they miss some points. Besides, children love the show, even though they don't know anything about philosophers, artists or the class system. Whether it is planned or just my interpretation of the situation, they don't overdo it, they never underestimate the audience, which I love. I loved Python as a kid, and now as an "adult" I find different things about the humor interesting and funny. That's how you do timeless comedy, my friends!

Like the two pepperpot mums in the art gallery, for example. I love the concept of stretching the phrase "I may not know much about art but I know what I like" into terms of culinary preferences. It's all a matter of taste, innit? And the same stretch kinda extends to the fresh fruit self defense class. Somehow I think of something completely different than tropical foods, when you combine the ideas of "a banana fiend" and "fresh fruit not good enough for you"...

So many things I've learned about other countries cultures watching Python. Whenever someone mentions Torquay (like one kid from work who's going on a language trip there this summer), I think of Pythons on the beach. Or I hear the Jerusalem tune, I think of teeth (some wierd-a** chords there, huh Eric?), since that's the first moment I've ever heard the song. And that 16 tons is a thing, an idiom, if you will. And why not name a dentist after a rodent I've never heard of (when I saw the sketch the first time waaay back). Owl-stretching time indeed.

Can't wait for the fifth episode!

PS. I'm working on extending the Python quest schedule, so I can add a few things, like the German episodes and a bunch of Cleese movies.. Please comment and make suggestions on what is missing from the list, since the quest IS gonna take a few years to finish! I know "What about Dick?" is gonna be there at some point, and if they would be so kind and put a certain Broadway musical on a freaking dvd, it could be added on the list too...

Hanri at 11:37 am May 31

Oh I love this review shower! Noticing new things about the whole show. I totally agree with the tv thing that nowadays the audience is treated like all of them are complete morons. This is what makes Python timeless, since there's laughs for everybody, whatever age, nationality or cultural knowledge.

But wasn't the Colonel on the first episode too? Shortly narrating the process of translating the deadly joke in German? Though in the way of interfering the sketches yes here he begins. :)

Not that late at 11:16 am May 31

The first thing that I noticed from this show is how they assume the public has art knowledge (or cultural knowledge). They introduce in their sketches a lot of artists relatively known, and even if you don't know them or their art you can get the joke and laugh anyway. I don't know if this was common at that time, but right now all the shows on Tv assume their public are idiots (and we are idiots!), this is very nice, for a change.

I also like the way they break the fourth wall (is that how you call it?). When they say "What a terrible joke!" or "This is my only line", they don't only write gags, they are self critics, and they can even say it if they think this or that joke wasn't their best work, and they make fun of it, which is also a gag! (Can we call it "metagag"?)

If I'm not very much mistaken, this is the first time we see the Colonel.

Eric's fan girls get to see quite a few of sexy escenes, not a very common thing in the shows to come.

Terry is superb in his mimming sketch, from the moment he starts to put his trousers down to the end of his striptease.

I dont' want to repeat the your great review. In the self defense class we see our loved mad, mad, mad John, later we learn that there is something going on! and finally Graham closes the show for stealing the slogan. And I close the window of my player with a smile while I hear John saying "I'm not sleeping with that producer again"

Hanri at 9:45 pm May 30

Seems like the sketches had a "go big or go home" sort of vibe, eh Cony? With the sports and the striptease and the self defense. :) And the secret service denstist too! But what on earth was that hissing thing in the dentist bit, a theatre joke or something? Because that I didn't fully get why they all started hissing like that. (Maybe I'm stupid but hey can't know everything!) If someone knows if it was a rehearsal assosiation thing they left in or something completely different, please shed light to it.

cony at 3:36 pm May 30

Saw the 4th episode last week but had to review it today to make some comment ;-)!
Last week my son was here watching it with me (he saw the episode for the first time).
He liked it a lot even him being a very serious person.
I often had the feeling that I am the child and he the adult...

In this sketch we have a bit a moderator - Eric singing "Jerusalem" (didn't know the song before). What a great musical talent he is!

And we have Graham stopping silly sketches (for the first but the last time).

Remarkable is also the sportiveness of the Pythons in some scenes - f. ex. the It's-man crawling over a very stony beach or Graham falling from being shot in the defense against the fresh fruit sketch. Great!

A fine episode with good sketches!
My favorite is Terry J trying to put off his clothes at the beach ending to do a professional striptease in a theatre!

Not that late: Hi!
And I'm not a very active member of this site. Sometimes I come, read everything and I just leave without posting a word. As everyone here, I love the pythons and their work, but I dont' have anyone to share this love with, and it makes me sad.

I saw this post just now, and I thought it was meant for me!

I'm in.

Sooo, it's s1e04? I'll watch it tonight, comment this week!

See you!

Hanri at 10:56 pm May 25

AWESOME! I'm looking forwardo to it! I watched it yesterday, I will comment on it today. The fourth episode was hilarious. :)

Hanri: This week was the Flying Circus s1e3, How to recognize different types of trees from quite a long way away. First of all I love the title, mainly because my mother tongue ain't English, so I enjoy the little brain excercise with the phrase. "Oh, you can put it like that, cool.'"

The first time I saw the episode years ago I expected one of the tree slides to be upside down, which was often the case with the teachers slide shows when I was a kid in grammar school, but I'm glad they chose other ways to mess with your head since it would have been pretty predictable. Thee larch.

Cardinal Richelieu changes his accent a couple of times, did you notice? Well, I am Dim... The whole court scene is interesting to me when I compare FC to other sketch shows. The scene goes on and on, there are one, two, three......four skits in the same scene, when others keep every sketch in different settings and far apart. I prefer this, since then the punch lines are not too underlined. But lucky I didn't say anything about the communists.

This episode's filled with writer comments, like who's written which sketch and what kind of styles they have. It's kinda like with songs with several singer-songwriters: whoever's written the song usually sings the lead vocals (what I've noticed). And when the second episode had a lot of Graham moments, this one had a lot of priceless Eric moments, with the melon, freedom and of course, say no more.

Loved the episode, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow, so I get to the fourth one. Lovely sketches await us there. :)

cony: Great project, Hanri!
Missed your first weeks (because of registrating me here not until today) but I am in good trainig after having seen just all the Flying Circus shows and some other stuff...
Feel I can do it again!
See you at season 1 episode 4!

Hanri at 2:26 pm May 20

Excellent, glad to have you here on the site and joining the journey! They're really fun to watch together. :)

scottp: You Always do such great creative work. .I just watched you 40th anniversary mash, it's just killer !..

Hanri at 10:21 pm May 13

Thanks for letting me use the graphics, I feel very privileged for being part of it. :) Big fun!

Hanri: Time for week 2 of the Monty Python Quest! Just watched the second episode of the FC first season, so funny! Gonna re-watch it later this week and share some thoughts. Go watch it!

Hanri at 2:23 am May 13

And here's the 40th anniversary mash I'm referring to on the video comment thingie:

Hanri at 9:58 pm May 11

It's like with music albums, isn't it? Many times the second track seems like the best one of the lot, at least I thought this second episode seemed better than the first one. Can I say that? They're both fab, nevertheless.

Here are some thoughts put into a video:

Neverming the Pink Floyd. Or filming while driving.

Hanri: This week we kick things off with the Monty Ptyhon's Flying Circus s1e1, and I've decided to assemble my garden furniture for the occasion. Go see my first episode thoughts from the back yard here:

GloriaTheWarrior: HAHA YOUUUUU!!! I do this already! I said to my self that I will watch everything in the right order every week one Flying Circus episode(every Saturday) and it is in fact as if it was on TV last night. If I miss one I just watch it the next day as often as I want( I mean what ever it's a DVD) wich sadly means that I won't watch things like Life of Brian until christmas this year AT LEAST I am already excited to watch the holy grail for the first time...I think around my birthday( hopefully) It's very much fun because I just started to be into Python and there is so much more to watch for the FIRST time uluulaualaualaulaualuala ..:)

Hanri at 8:58 am April 29

Good thing about dvd's and such is that you never miss an episode, it's more like, a little delayed, if you won't get the dvd or other recording in time. No problemo! Glad to have you aboard! :)

mrsCutout: Coooooool! Not bad for me at all!
Point is.....I was trying to avoid watching much python very often because I do NOT want to run out.....I feel good thinking..hey I still have many things from them to watch!

Hanri at 8:52 am April 29

It's good that we're not gonna run out of material that soon. Besides, Gilliam is always working on new projects, so I'm sure the posted schedule won't be the final version. And there's always re-runs, eh? ;)