what about Dick

Hey everyone hope all is well ! a few weeks ago I was invited to see Eric's play 'What about Dick' It Was Awsome..They filmed it and will be releasing it in the fall.. Killer cast and the writing was superb! it is Eric after all..we will be posting content from the show soon so stay tuned

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PhilosopherBruce-Mrs: Yeah...I'm jealous...I can't wait to see it on film!

Johnnyrose: Lucky bastard!

scottp: Its really really funny that I know!

Hanri: It's like Secret Policemans' Ball, but with a plot. ;) The live show must have been awesome, I can't wait for the filmed version to come out! With that sort of cast....what a ride.

Hanri at 11:15 am May 14

But I bet people are dying to hear more about WAD, I know I am! :)

scottp at 10:23 am May 14

yep this will be fun.. killer project!