What happened?

And then there were none.

Hey! Where is everybody? :) And hello to you other random people that just popped out of the wood carving like lemurs (lemurs don't do that, but *shrug*). Just wanted to check in with you regulars (you know who you are ;) ). How are you guys? Busy? Yeah, me too. Don't let this site fade away into the sunset!

Go forth my sons and conquest! Pillage! Take no prisoners! They're taking the hobbits to Isengard! what? Sorry. Bit tired, and shall be heading off to bed. Ta!

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arkennedy: I'm back as well, sorry for the long absence. Not very interesting things kept comming up that kept me from logging on. Most recently my computer decided to go on strike (turned off for no reason as far as I could tell because it was working fine and I checked it often for spyware and viruses and wouldn't turn back on). I'm using a different computer now, until I can get mine repaired.

French Taunter: Bonjour!:)

Sorry to not be here these last days :/ I was aunting after some Donkey ... Ahrem! I mean I was doing lot of tauns! Bref, my chéris don't insult me or I should taunt you verrry well!!! ^^

GloriaTheWarrior: Come on there are 221 guests online!! Y U NO SIGN UP?? we don't bite...well most of us, the others just nibble a bit...:)

mrs galahad 19 at 1:47 pm April 23

I bite >:3

mrsCutout: Hahahahah! That LoTR bit was random!
I am here! Not that anyone cares but whatever.
To my defense I've been too busy with the uni.Plus during my lats week's easter holidays I was away with no internet and high fever.....sadly.
We should liven up this place?what happened?

Paute: I'm pining for the fjords

Hanri: I'm still here! Not quite dead yet... 'Tis true we need to spice up things. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had a tight schedule on things lately, but every once in a while everyone should just chillax for a mo and give in to the PythonMania!

How about waking up the Johann Gambolputty Challenge? I shall have a go for it this week, need to study for it a wee bit first.....
Here's the link to MontyPythonrocks18 post about it -> http://pythonline.com/media/challange-you-python-fans
aaand Tanya_Birklid19's excellent entry -> http://youtu.be/G-Amlm2nsRc

mrs galahad 19: We should have a party some sort! ... Maybe if we offer free kittens with a purchase of a William Shakespeare bust, they would come :D

GloriaTheWarrior: I AM HERE!!! again. we should organize a party to wake everybody up!
and what is it that all the posts disappear from the front page? UlalalaUlalalaUlalal ....:)