what happened the first time I tried omegle

I seriously thought it was the funniest thing ever. I guess some people just have no sense of humor. I feel sorry for whoever this person is.

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Lvndr HppE: Gosh. Some people just have no humor at all. ;-)

Paute at 7:42 am July 19

They shouldn't be here.

mrsCutout: HAhahahaha oh my god!!!You actualy did that!!! HAha it's so funny!!!

The Ex-Leper at 7:43 pm July 17

every python fan owes it to themselves to do this at least once because trust me once you do it once it is so addicting hahaha I seriously ended up having an hour long conversation in which me and the stranger talked about our lives as wizards and going to hogwarts and what our magical careers would be after we graduated hogwarts hahahahaha

Tanya_Birklid19 at 10:19 am July 18

That is sweet. I tried the argument thing, but apparently I wasn't fast enough to type it in and send it. The other person said 'Hi' right away. But I did try 'Alms for an ex-leper?' Got a response asking if I really was, I said I was just quoting Python. Person disconnected.

Here Comes Another One at 9:30 pm July 18

No way! As if you would!

mrsCutout at 4:16 pm July 19

Hahaha true! He must have thought it was possible to talk to an ex leper...and apparently he freaked out...lol!
As for you Ex-Leper haha you talked about that stuff?Oh I'ld do anything to find a person and talk this way! I remember I used to do long conversations wih my friend when I was smaller about Harry Potter...we pretented to be wizards and stuff...good old days!

Tanya_Birklid19 at 8:52 pm July 19

We used to play Harry Potter, or wizardry things, in grade school. Somehow I always played Harry whenever we played. Maybe it's because I'm a tom boy. *shrugs*

The Ex-Leper at 6:52 am July 21

hahaha seriously just go on there and try it. so worth it. bahahaha

J.Gambolputty: I tried that myself and the stranger said "It costs about one dignity."

French Taunter: LOL! Awsome! some people in random chats do not look for those ... those ... kind of question or matter! Well done!!;)

Tanya_Birklid19: XD lawlz That's funny! I should try this.

The Ex-Leper at 12:48 pm July 16

it is incredibly thrilling I laughed hysterically

d_janice92@yahoo.com: That's great! Haaaaaaaahaha.
I go around asking people for the meaning of life, waiting for someone to say "42" (which someone gets more often than you would think). But once I had someone quote the entire meaning of life from the Python movie and I was like, "Okay, you win. I lose. Not worthy."

mrsCutout at 4:04 pm July 17

HAaha good one!I'll do that too!

The Ex-Leper at 12:34 pm July 16

yeah I tried to buy an argument from like four different people they all did the same thing as ^ that person did and then I asked someone what was the first thing they thought of when I say spam and they said canned ham so I disconnected hahaha

d_janice92@yahoo.com at 7:46 am July 17

Oh, dear. lol. Spam is disgusting, just as a side note...
My mom used to make us eat it when we were young, and seeing as I'm still a young'n I remember the commemorative Spam-A-Lot cans. I never want to eat it again...lol.

The Ex-Leper at 10:38 am July 17

haha I have actually never tried it! even if it is gross I have to try it at least once as a Python fan I imagine it has to be a kind of requirement haha

A. Lupin at 5:32 pm July 17

I haven't tried it either, but you're absolutely right. It is sort of mandatory. There should be some sort of SpamFest for Python geeks

d_janice92@yahoo.com at 10:42 am July 17

It's like...
Tuna and bologna put together into a sickening little patty. That's the best description I can give.

The Ex-Leper at 7:40 pm July 17

hahaha I love tuna and bologna so this should be interesting