Where are you??

The current Regimental Sergeant Major of the Python Army (is she talking about me?) is tickled by curiosity: WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU?

Behind the link there's a map, go put a marker on where you are!

Note: You don't have to reveal the REAL city in which you live if you wish not to. I'm just curious to know our global status. :)

Worldwidely yours,
Regimental Sergeant Major II
Python Army Headquarters

EDIT: Now we are up to 73 markers, starting to get tricky finding the new ones... But still magnificent! I've updated the map link so you can find the map right away, and I'll update the pick here once we get new markers on board.

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the_thina at 3:10 pm February 05

well, us scandiavians loves brittish comedy. AND our dear mr cleese has said he really likes scandinavia and us who lives here. and I dont think he was just brown-nosing, because its JOHN and he says what he thinks either it is complimentery or hurting

J.Gambolputty at 9:26 am February 05

Yes, I think so. . . ? Is there someone else then?

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 10:09 am February 05

Dunno. I hope so :P

Here Comes Another One at 5:42 pm February 05

Me being one of the Brit fans won't show on the map! Maybe I'll put a marker in the UK too, since I'm there in spirit. ;-)

the_thina at 8:05 pm February 05

what do you mean, you where born in UK but live somwhere else? why would anyone want to move away from UK? well, if you dont count the weather... :P

Here Comes Another One at 8:28 pm February 05

I'm a Brit but I live in Australia. I'm hoping to move back soon. Not that I don't love Australia - it's just not home. :-)

the_thina at 8:14 am February 06

I hear ya. Im born and raised on this small island that is quite different to the rest of the countrey. then I lived on the mainland for 5 years, then moved back. it was never the same up there, and even when I lived there I tjought of the island as "home". it will always be in my blood no matter where I go. and cant even imagine how it would be living in another countrey, even if I have been thinking of moving to denmark many times..

Hanri: I HAVE to comment on this now.... AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, WE LOVE YOU! AMEN!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I is black, too, Fred!

Thanks Hanri, tis indeed a splendid idea!

Tanya_Birklid19: REPRESENTIN' NORTH DAKOTA, DAWG!! WHAT WHAT? *pause followed by awkward moment* ooookaaayy . . .

a_nervous_wreck: I'm the black one on California... that sounded kinda racist

jupiterblue: I haven't been on this website in so long! :O
I added myself, right in Oklahoma :D

Grazi: I'm the yellow one. It's a small city not too far from São Paulo.

mrsCutout: I did put a marker where it says Greece but it doesn't appear...I did place the marker and then submit but here it doesn't appear!

Miioo at 3:49 pm February 04

When I click on the link I can see your marker. The link updates constantly, but not the picture in this post, Hanri updates that one. :)

Hanri at 3:48 pm February 04

Well I sure do see it. :) I'll update the thread pic.

mrsCutout at 3:04 pm February 05

Ah I saw it too! thanks people!!1!!

champagneeyes: A little town in the piney woods north of New Orleans. I was able to put my mark on the map. :)

Lvndr HppE: I don't get how I can add myself. I wanted to put down myself in New York.

the_thina at 3:06 pm February 04

click "additions" and then "add marker" took me a while to figure that out too

Hanri at 3:06 pm February 04

High left on the map app there's "Additions", and there "Add marker - Simple". Fill in the info and Bob's your uncle. :)

the_thina at 3:07 pm February 04

looks like you answered that faster, but it wont hurt having the info 2 times. ;)

Lvndr HppE at 7:39 pm February 04

I added, thanks!

the_thina: added myself, Im the red one. :) and yep, that tiny island IS a part of sweden, if someone was wondering

arkennedy: I've added the general area of my location. The state is correct, but it's not the exact location of the city (but very close to where I grew up).

arkennedy at 11:05 am February 04

On second thought now that I look at the map again it's not "very" close to where I grew up but it is kind of close.

Miioo: Done and done :)

kisch: It's FUN!!! I put mine too:) So far, North-West rule the world!

Jatta: Finland, Finland, Finland... and so on... :) I'm curious to see how it looks when the map is filled up...