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So, i play this great app QuizUp: it has a great interface and good content with 515 topics with 300-600 questions each. Amongst those topics are many tv/film topic, but inexplicably it lacks a Monty Python topic.

They accept user input. I recently made another topic for them (geography). Maybe i could get some people together that would like to write questions for this topic?


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Brian: I tried to make an online quiz once (unfortunatly all my work was lost). I had an idea of doing something like 'how to survive in the world of Monty Python' with questions like: How do you conclude a long statement? A)by burping b) by putting your finger up your nose* c) by putting your finger up your b*m (with joke asterisks).

*quote: Mr Badger - silliest sketch

Erikhalfabee at 8:58 am May 29

Brian, we are working in a google spreadsheet,

if you give me your email i can will give you access. We have 60 questions already (just started) and we need 300 in total

i sent you a pm on this.

Brian at 2:42 am May 29

Correct! As python fan knows, you must ALWAYS conclude by putting your finger up your nose.
Of course I will join you what can I do?,

Erikhalfabee at 12:18 pm May 28

the hijack sketch is on youtube: ejGQ5oIuP9c

Erikhalfabee at 12:17 pm May 28

i think b)

thanks for Mr Badger, it made me watch the hijack sketch.

Brian, me and another Python fan have 60 questions already, will you join us?