Who's Your Favorite Python in Drag?

So who's your favorite "female" Python? For me, it's basically a tie between Jonesy and Eric. Really tough to decide because over all it's hands down Jonesy... I love the voice he puts on and that prissy thing he does so well. BUT Eric just slays me as Mrs. Hendy. So it's a tie.

Second to them is Mikey. Followed by Graham and Gilly. John I would say makes the "ugliest" woman haha. But they're all hilarious. Burma!

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Monty Petra: I love Mikey in drag. He's really cute. :D

and John is just hilarious.

Jonesy is great, too, though.

champagneeyes: Yeah, I would say it is a toss up between Terry J. and Graham. Terry J. really does matronly very well.

a_nervous_wreck: It has to be Gray, hands down. He cracks me up everytime he dresses up as ANYONE, but as a pepperpot he just kills me. "BURMA!!"

l_wojcik: I find that Anne Elk (Ms.) is one of the funniest "ladies" in Python.

Lvndr HppE: I don't have a favorite.

Lvndr HppE at 10:54 am December 13

What I mean is that they all look great in drag, and even when they don't, I love them for looking like ugly women!

The Ex-Leper at 10:58 am December 13

hear hear

Here Comes Another One at 6:49 am December 18

Ha ha, so true. Graham Chapman made a spectacularly ugly woman. Tho' he was quite a good looking man imho. (OK, that's irrelevant, but never mind :-D)

the_thina at 5:52 am December 19

haha, I have thought of that too. he was in fact IMO a very good looking fella, but I guess its makeup, wigs, clothes and faces he pulls that makes him an ugly woman. :)
but, attractive or ugly, he still was our graham, and I would love him no matter how he looked

Holly: I think that Michael is the prettiest woman, but I love when John is in drag. He sits so un-lady like with his legs spread.

the_thina at 1:57 am December 13

haha, you know, I sit like that too! but Ive never been a girly girl and I dont even own a skirt or a dress

Holly at 10:26 pm December 13

I don't either! Hell, I don't even own shorts...and I live in Florida.

the_thina at 1:47 am December 14

haha, same here, *I live where there is most sun-hours and highest tempratures in all sweden.

J.Gambolputty at 10:51 am December 13

Hear, hear. Me neither..

the_thina at 12:09 pm December 13

oh, good to know Im not the only tomboy in here. I have never even wore a pair of high heels. yep, you heard me... NEVER

Holly at 10:27 pm December 13

Ditto, no...I take that back...I had to for a wedding, they hurt so bad & I lost feeling in my pinky toe for a week. @#% heels!

the_thina at 1:49 am December 14

haha. I have wore my dr martens to weddings... and funurals too for that matter

J.Gambolputty at 12:43 pm December 13

Yep, me neither, and I never ever wear pink or wear jewlery and I even don't have earrings or any of that. I know that men can have earrings too, but still. My friends say that they can't even imagine me wearing something girly or the high heels. :D

A bit off topic yes..

the_thina at 1:07 pm December 13

yes same here. or, I have piercings and streched out to 8 mm (metric system, dont know what an american calls a mm) in both ears, I have a skelleton jack-neckless, but apart from that, nothing.
I do however own a pink set od scrubs (you know, clothes that nurses/doctors wear in the hospital) that I kinda like to walk around in at home, but would never go outside in them.

and well, you can drift off topic sometimes, but dont think anyone minds in here, as long as we arent spamming.

J.Gambolputty at 1:13 pm December 13

Yes, I think so too. Only made an observation ;)

Paute: Jonesy. I think he like Brian´s mother was great. And (fact) he looks like his real mother. Just amazing.

the_thina: eric and jonesy are the two that LOOKS the most as women when they put on drag, but I will have to put my vote on dear old gray here. especieally if he is a pepperpot (did he ever pay a young woman? cant remember) because he is just... he cracks me up so bad! and he could do a wonderfull high-pitch voice.

The Ex-Leper at 8:19 am December 13

wasn't gray a youngish woman in that mollusk sketch where he had on that pink dress and terry jones was his husband and they had numbers on their backs?

katithepythonfan: If I think about the best-looking Python in drag, it is Eric, but T Jones makes very credible older woman...

HELLOPOLLY: gonna have to go with jonesy there. my favourite python is John, but lets be honest , he's just plain disturbing in drag :D still love him though :D

mrsCutout: Jonesy is very convincing as a midleaged woman! HHahaa he's amazing! But I do love Eric too I mean many times I actualy thought he was a woman! BUT!! Who beats Mike in the meaning of life ,the autumn years?? Also I love Gilly as a shephardess in the same film!

The Ex-Leper: Graham or Michael

J.Gambolputty: I have to say that Jones is very good in some characters (like in MoL as Fiona Portland-Smythe), but Eric, I think, is much more convincing in all drag thingies. For example Mrs Entity was brilliant, I'm not absolutely sure but it seems that Eric didn't even have a wig on in that sketch.. He didn't need any.
As for Pepperpots, Cleese and Chapman are absolutely the best. Like genji said, as Pepperpots, they're not trying to be women or act very feminine, they're just in a character who happens to be a woman. (or something like that, can't explain it better now..) Jones is also a very good Pepperpot, but I think he looks too much of a woman, don't you think? I mean, he's a little too convincing in some of them.
Palin has done some very very good characters also (like 'The middle of the film' woman, Debbie Katzenberg and Queen Victoria :DD) and in those two first ones he looks quite attractive too.. *cough*..

So, if I had to pick my favourite, I would say that Eric is the best Python in drag.

genji: Mr. Jones is the archetypal Pepperpot, IMO (and Mandy in Life of Brian is sustained brilliance), but Mr. Cleese and Mr. Chapman are just so much funnier (e.g. 'The Art Gallery', Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion, 'Exploding Penguin'). I think the point about Pepperpots is that they're not men in drag – they're not trying to look, sound or behave like women. They could be interpreted as sending up drag artists but I think it's more a case of finding new absurd characters to play with. Mr. Idle comes closest to being a drag artist. Some of his Pepperpots are quite feminine and funny in their own right, but in a different way to Janet and Marge whacking Kevin and Ralph about the head. There are certain moments in Python that, no matter how often I watch them, never fail to crack me up (like 'And now... music', the execution of which is even funnier than the idea), and 'Art Gallery' is one of them.

So my favourites are Mr. Cleese closely followed by Mr. Chapman.

Cardinal Ximenez: I'd say Palin (probably because he's my favorite)
I really do think he makes the best woman though. I love when he plays Queen Victoria especially. Also I think he looks best in a v-neck or swooping neck line :D
I also love Michael as the woman in Meaning of Life the death sketch-- "Hey, I didn't even eat the mousse" :D One of my faves!

HELLOPOLLY at 6:21 am December 06

Hahah the salmon mousse :L i love michael as a woman <3

Tanya_Birklid19: Hhmmm . . . I would have to say that Jonesy really does make a good 'woman.' He's my number one choice because . . . well, it's Jonesy. Graham as the pepperpot in the penguins sketch, but then again, I love him as a pepperpot in any sketch he's in. Okay, then there's Michael as the Middle of the Film lady and how freakishly attractive he looks as her. Going back to Jonesy . . . 'Angus Podgorny, what DOO ya mean?' lawlz I just thought of that too!

Cardinal Ximenez at 10:11 am December 02

OMG yes! The Middle of the Film lady! LOVE that one <3
He does look good :D

Here Comes Another One: Good question! Out of the main 5 actors I'd have to say Eric makes the best woman, just because he's so realistic. I especially love Mrs Hendy (esp in the Director's Cut!!!) and that French lady (also in MoL special features) and that appalling woman in the restaurant sketch ('Oh I don't like this, I don't like that, d'you know I might be pregnant?') But they all have brilliant moments - John as Mrs Premise, Graham in the penguin on the telly sketch, Michael as the woman at the Death Dinner Party, and Terry J's 'coy' women in the poet reader sketch & the toothpaste promo ('The man from Colgate gave me a catalogue.') But the hands-down winner for me would have to be Gilliam as M'Lady Joeline in MoL.

TheRealGilliamFan at 1:57 am December 02

I love M'Lady Joeline too. It's so hard to choose, isn't it?

Here Comes Another One at 6:09 am December 02

Just about impossible, especially since I just watched the Science Fiction sketch and remembered Mary Podgorny. The line 'Angus Podgorny, what DOOO you mean?' is one of my absolute favourite Python moments ... so Jones edges up a notch for that!