why a duck?

I have finnaly found the book "why a duck?" and I will get it next week!
I know we are more marxists in here, so had to say it and let neil illustrate the book, so its a little python anyway...

EDIT: today I got it. Im sorry that I look like a sweaty pink elephant in the pictures, but Im so tired and its so hot here its impossible to have clothes on.
anyway; I was expecting a book with back-tsage stories and bloopers, what I got was sort of the script from the movies with pictures.
but I still really like it, its very funny. and (as you can see) some of the pics are so fab I almost want to frame them and hang up them on my wall

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thewastelandr: It's a wonderful book, Thina! My mom has a very old copy, probably back from the Neil days! We used to look at it as kids and laugh over Groucho's mustache! Love those boys!

the_thina at 10:07 am July 12

yeah, I got it today! I edited my post so you can see how my copy looks and my general thoughts of it.
happy to have it! :)

Holly: let us know how you enjoyed the book when you get it, I'm curious. I also wonder if there is a copy of this picture in color anywhere, that does not look like water in the pool.

the_thina at 10:04 pm July 08

I will. :)
and I think there is water in the pool, you can see what I think is tree-tops reflecting in it

the_thina at 10:06 pm July 08

also, look at the foot of his right leg. it is in water

Holly at 10:52 pm July 09

you're right, it just looks weird to me. And on an odd thought....I've always wanted to fill a small pool with jell-o

Lady and Laird Candermine: I adore the marx bros .. thanks Thina!
"where's the flash..? Where's the flash.. that's a not a flash that's a fish.."

the_thina at 9:56 pm July 08

yes, I do as well. and animal crackrs that you are quoting there was the first one I saw. :)

Lady and Laird Candermine at 10:18 am July 11


yes... it is ..
I know it's not the funniest sketch they ever did .. but it's one that stuck in my head... when ever I hear .. flash ... : )
I love the way Harpo is so childlike and surreal... : )

the_thina at 10:10 am July 12

haha, that was the first thing with them I saw I think. harpo is soooo adorable!

mrsCutout: HAhaha I love the Marx Brothers I have many of their movies! what a great clip wow thanks for that!

the_thina at 9:56 pm July 08

no problem. :)

Paute: I like so much Marx Bros!! I have "Beagle, Shyster and Beagle". Groucho and Chico are are lawyers! Very funny and silly.
And the movies... well amazing! After to reading it tell me what you think. I might buy the book.

the_thina at 9:57 pm July 08

will do. :)