win do not adjust your set! (updated with contest!)

this contest is: write a short story where some mytical creature (dragon, elf, goblin etc) or a historical/mythical person (joan of arc, vlad tepes etc) for some reson end up in the 70s london and met a flying circus character (note, in rel life, not just appared in a show) and what happens then. I would say minimun 5 pages if there wasnet online, but of that legnth.

be sure to chek you spelling and making sure to press enter now and again to shift collumns.
is it one thing my brain exploids of is it reading bing clumps of badly spelled words.

when you are done with the story PM it to me here on pythonline.
I will pick the winner on january 30th.

good luck!

here is the deal. I happen to own 2 copies of DNAYS, but I only need one. the extra copy I got is a reg 1, so it will be hard if not impossible to sell it here in sweden, we have reg 2 and besides I dont think many swedes have much intrest for that show. but throwing it away just dont seem right, so its been just laying around for a while and I didnt know what do do with it.

PS. it says on the picture there is gilliam-animations in it, but there is not, since he came around in the second season and none of those episodes where saved. :( but you have eric, terry j and mike + loads of the bonzos, bot acting and playing music

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TheRealGilliamFan: I have a question. How much liberty can we take on the contest rules? I mean, does the meeting have to take place in 1970s London, necessarily? Couldn't the MP character time travel too? And does it have to be an historical person like Joan of Arc, or could it also be a contemporary person? I'm thinking a meeting between, say, Bush and MP character could be very funny -- just as an example.

the_thina at 11:49 am January 18

I would like it to be in the 70s. yes.
but historical... well... what happened 3 years ago is also history, right? ;) so ok, on that one I am willing to bend a little. but I would still like it to be in the 70s

mrsCutout at 2:59 pm January 18

Coool! I just had a great idea hahaa. Omg I don't hold a chance I am terrible!!

the_thina at 4:28 pm January 18

well, I am the judge, so you cant possiby know that

mrsCutout: lol I can do with Mike Eric and Terry alright!
Ah I see now.Oh damn I must hurry! Ugh I have no time at all!!! What do you mean real life?It couldn't be a gumby for ex.?

the_thina at 7:36 pm January 16

yes, they are still characters, but living in the real world, not just on the show

the_thina: just giving this a puff so people will SEE it

the_thina: start sending you entries in to me then!

mrsCutout at 1:12 am December 31

What do you mean?Private message? I am in anyway but if it's not!such a big trouble could the contest start after the 2nd of the next year? I will be off till then :D

the_thina at 9:26 am December 31

yes, private messages. but you know, it will last for a month, and WHEN during that month you send it to me wont matter in whoever wins it. ;)

mrsCutout at 3:51 pm January 01


TheRealGilliamFan: I'm in!!

The Ex-Leper: oh yes!!

Incident at Bromsgrove: Yeah, I'm game for a laugh.

the_thina: come on, there is gotta be more than 2 who wants it? want to have at least 5 in the contest!

Tanya_Birklid19: I also happen to have that, and was a little upset about the whole not seeing Terry G's animations even though it said it did. *frowny face* But yeah, that is a brilliant idea!

mrsCutout: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!Are the yeses enough?I need this! :DI can't find that bloody box set anywhere here!Appart form some episodes you have sent me!and thanks for that btw!!Im in!

arkennedy: I think it's a great idea :) I already have "Do Not Adjust Your Set" on dvd but I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't have but wish they did.

Paute: YES! I have region 1.
And it´s a great idea.