Win VIP seats to see 'Not the Messiah' given in The Independent

A very special Sony/IoS competition: Win VIP seats to see 'Not the Messiah'

To commemorate four decades of Python genius, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is offering readers of the Independent on Sunday the chance to win a VIP private box for a single winner and three guests at the Royal Albert Hall (including waiter service, drinks and canapés) for the one-night only performance of Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy) this Friday 23 October. In addition, the winner and three guests will each receive Monty Python's Ridiculously Outrageous 400th Anniversary Box Set, including The Holy Grail, The Life Of Brian, Meaning Of Life, And Now For Something Completely Different and Live At The Hollywood Bowl. Ten runners-up will receive the box set.

To enter, send an email to montypython by 1pm on Tuesday 20 October. Include your name, phone number and home address. The winner and 10 runners-up will be contacted by 6pm that day.

Terms & conditions

This prize is not exchangeable.


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Johnnyrose: I Whanted to put the newspaper front page (ther's a picture of Eric Idle) but I can't, it appears the folowing message

An unrecoverable error occurred. This form was missing from the server cache. Try reloading the page and submitting again.

kisch: Bet it's for UK residents only !
But well, I'm quite happy with my B14 row seat, and I don't need any VIP treatment... apart maybe from a HUG from all the Pythons. A handshake would be good too.
But thank you for posting that, JR - maybe some of our UK friens will enter (and win !!!).