wind in the willows.

mike with rik mayall and two others. its riks aoutograph under it.

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Johnnyrose: A beautiful story for all ages...

the_thina at 1:28 pm November 15

dont remember much of it to be honest. but I remember that I did like it as a kid

Johnnyrose at 2:17 pm November 15
Johnnyrose at 2:19 pm November 15

see trailer

the_thina at 2:44 pm November 15

you didnt get to hear anyone of them talk... :( more than the "hey!"
who was mike and rik playing?

Johnnyrose at 3:17 pm November 15

Michael is the Rat character, and Rik Mayall is the Toad.
see more in:

mrsCutout at 2:21 pm November 15

Wow thanks!

MontyPython93: I saw this with a friend once :D I love it! <3

WackyQueen: I love Wind In The Willows! :D

the_thina at 12:16 pm November 13

yeah. I saw the stop-moting version on telly when I was a kid. it was fab!

mrsCutout: He signed it for you??!

the_thina at 7:58 am November 13

no no, I found it online. I should only be so lucky if I had met rik. *sighs*
him and his co-workers on young ones was my introduction to brittish comedy when I was 3 years old so I have been a fan of him longer that Ive been a fan of python (I was about 10 when I discovered them)

mrsCutout at 8:06 am November 14

Oh well ok then!Ric maya is awesom!I love them all!I discovered python first at the age of 10!

the_thina at 8:44 am November 14

yeah he sure is. ah we were the same age then... I saw life of brian and I *think* graham was the first man I saw naked

mrsCutout at 3:15 pm November 14

O hihihi!!!! me tooo! i mean totaly naked! I always thought that graham was realy handsom in ths film!

the_thina at 4:03 pm November 14

haha. yeah. he had just gone sober then you know so he was in good shape. but eric was the one I got a big cruch on whist watching that for the first time. :P

mrsCutout at 11:52 am November 15

Oh realy?well I didn't know who they where at the time so i thought all characters were played by different actors!I do remember haowever that his part of stan/loreta impressed me!

the_thina at 12:30 pm November 15

I didnt know that they just were 6 of them eiter, but I think I realised that some of them was played by the same persons. and was wondering if brians mother really was a woman. haha. but jones always made a pretty convincing woman. however, I liked stan/loretta a lot, but I think it was first "no, freedom for me" that guy and then the song that made me get all "OMG he is so cute!" + that I had seen nuns on the run and recognized him

mrsCutout at 2:01 pm November 15

Hahaha!I remember that !yes! a and jonsy is the one that is most cute as a woman don't know why! But that film was to be broadcatsed near easter and i saw the commercial with the song and i descided that i wanted to see it! Good descision!!!!

the_thina at 2:05 pm November 15

haha, it was in deed. ^^