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here you are some Eric/Michael pics. enjoy!!

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WackyQueen: "Two of us, just the two of us, not too many or too few of us"! :D

WolfSpirit at 8:42 pm December 29

Not kidding.. that one I totally have as my wallpaper on my computer. It's like... sickeningly adorable lol And i have absolutely no idea why lol

BabyStag at 10:29 am December 30

I LOVE this scene! They are adorable!

WolfSpirit at 6:38 pm December 30

I need to go watch that... even just the scene

WolfSpirit: *Huge grins* The last one dosen't show up for me though... but the send from last is strangly UNBELIEVABLY adorable lol

I am a happy person now lol