Would anyone be interested in this?

PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMbx-Mee5iM
PART 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT1X1eZ4hkE
PART 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvGG70cRszw
PART 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2ld_S_u3KA (TURN ON THE ANNOTATIONS FOR PART 5 ;D)

Yeah, apparently not many people have heard of a certain Life of Brian recording session that the Pythons did in 1977. So I've decided to upload a little snippet of it.

As quoted from the video description: 'All the Pythons seem to be in high spirits during the session; even Graham sounds on top form after ditching the drink. You can tell they had an absolute whale of a time just by the consistent background giggling throughout, notably from Gilliam and Cleese.'

Maybe the more hardcore Python fan would appreciate this more than anyone else, though that's highly disputable.

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the_thina: this is on the LOB-dvd, isent it? I dont mean the one disc, the 2 disc whit loads of yummy extras. anyway, its very fun! :)

PhilosopherBruce-Mrs: Thank you for uploading this. It's awesome! :D

cosita: This is really funny and interesting as well. Thanks a lot for posting. Can't wait till the remaining parts are uploaded.

a_nervous_wreck: Ahh! Just got back from the desolate wasteland that is Barstow, to find a lovely litle surprise waiting for me on my desktop. Thanks Mrs. A, I shall watch this immediately after I finish getting unpacked :)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Finally got Part 3 up after the uploader crashed twice. Check back for more updates!

Pantomime horse at 9:43 am November 26

YEAAH THANKS! :DD I think they did feel like a little giggle! Well, not that little.. XD

Pantomime horse: THANK YOU!! :D Must get the Immaculate Edition now! :P

GloriaTheWarrior: Yeahaaaa next part!! super excited! Muahahah thanks a "bunch"..:)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 6:53 am December 13

You're most welcome :D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Next part's up now :)

Leonor Zozaya: I can recognize Michael Palin voice (narrrating) [I'm like the nobel prize] it's amazing, delicious!
I love the Michael Palin's voice (my favorite, with), but I think I can hear many cut's on the original recording

katithepythonfan at 5:42 am November 23

There has been changes between that script and the final version... And if you like Palin's voice, you should try his audiobooks...

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 6:52 am November 23

I'd love a Palin audiobook.

katithepythonfan at 9:24 am November 23

I have Hemingway's Chair as an audiobook, read by sir Palin... <3

katithepythonfan: Is this the one that's available on LOB Immaculate Edition???

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 2:01 am November 23

Shush you XD

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 2:04 am November 23

(Yes, it is - I recently got into the process of DVD ripping on my laptop and just thought I'd upload some of the extras onto YT)

katithepythonfan at 5:42 am November 23

How nice of you...

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 6:51 am November 23

Nah, it's nothing really ;)

mrs galahad 19 at 1:25 pm November 23

Must look at Immaculate Edition! (which is what I have) I've never noticed it before.

GloriaTheWarrior: OHH my goodness this is sooo awesome. Thank you so much this really made my day!!...:) -can i hear an Amen from everyone who's bagging for more?! AMEN!!! ..:)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 6:53 am November 23

You're welcome, darling. I shall upload more right away :P

Pantomime horse: Omg that was great! Thanks a bunch! I love all the giggling :D

-Joins the begging for more-

Oh mighty mrs A, oh you are so big, would you do us small, tiny, spotty, stupid people -well, at least I am- a great favour?

a_nervous_wreck: I think I peed a little. That was funny, I've never heard John giggle like that. And yes, Graham does sound much better off the drink. He sounds happier :)

Oh please upload more if you have it. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase.