Yay... I got The Meaning of Life in the mail today!

I'll have to add a picture later...

Anyway... I got the meaning of life in the mail today. From ordering it online. My special 2 disk set. Yay. Now it needs to defrost. So when I get home from work i'll have to go throught he HORRIBLE task of watching the disks to see if they play lol.

Truely I have no idea whats on disk 2 lol. Just that I have a thing that if I'm buying a dvd it's GOING to be a 2 disk set with special features unless the movie simply dosen't have it (Like Secret Window or The Monkees HEAD)

So... now I have the 2 disk collectors edition (with the screenplay and all that) of Holy Grail...
The 2 disk emmaculate edition of Life of Brain.
And the two disk special edition of Meaning of Life.

Then I SORTA have the Flying Circus set... be it's beat up and one of the disks don't play a good chuck of it since it's so scratched... so I wanna get a new set but might have to settle for buying the messed up set from my dad...

But point is I now have the 3 main movies and option to watch any episode... I need to finish off with getting the dvds... then work on the records (I have sorta kinda ripped the music from the cds onto my computer but I want to get the actual RECORDS since that would be great with the 3 siddedness of them.

Then the books after that.

Then other random shit after that lol.

Of course I'm probably not going to expand the collection any more then this cause I'm poor... but whatever lol

Just excited I now have gotten the movie in the mail.

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mrsCutout: Wow!that's awesom!! i only have the meaning of life and the holly grail in 2 disk edition...the others i already had but i am saving money now haha!oh you should watch the second disk it conteins incredible stufff!