Yes Finaly i saw them!!

Oh I rented The imaginarium of Dr Parnassus at last and i saw it last night! Oh my god Terry is a BRILLIANT man and director he is genius! It's one of his best works all the actors were great and Tom Waits was the best Mr Nick the man is great! But Heath was just magnificent ..he left me speachless God bless him he would be the best of his generation! I realy shed some tears in the end! And i saw The Rocky Horror Show at last too! It was the silliest thing ever and i loved it! But the ending was sad..

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Lady and Laird Candermine:

Heath is awesome and beautiful and missed something big time by so many people...
I'm glad you found the film so excellent!!! I love it...

mrsCutout at 2:36 pm May 23

Yeah terry is i belive one of he best directors in the world! And yes heath will be remembered 4ever!

Lady and Laird Candermine at 6:19 pm May 25

AMEN mrs cutout ... !!! Amen to both

sit-on-my-face: Waits is the best devil you can find!

mrsCutout at 2:35 pm May 23

so true he was awsom! He is perfect!

the_thina: personally I dont like over-happy endings. its just boring!
but happy to hear you liked RHPS, one of my alltime favourites

the_thina at 3:52 pm May 22

but ps. "rocky horror show" is the stage-show its based on... the movie is called "rocky horror PICTURE show"
just so you know. :P

Lvndr HppE at 8:05 pm May 24

I did not know that there was a stage show based on the movie.

the_thina at 8:11 pm May 24

it was a stage-show BEFORE the movie was made. written by richard o´brien who also wrote the movie and plays riff-raff in it. :) that man is so fucking awsome!

Lvndr HppE at 8:18 pm May 24

Get out! You've gotta love a movie that's also an international sensation.

mrsCutout at 7:30 am May 25

It was tim's first movie!i gotta love him in this disguise i think he is so sexy!

the_thina at 11:12 am May 25

his second. the first was schmodipus. or what its called. :P very disturbing thing....

mrsCutout at 2:57 pm May 25

oh realy? wow i didn't know he said in an interview that it was his first but i probably didn't get it! Oh thanks you're so knowledgable ^^ :D

the_thina at 3:28 pm May 25

haha, well this was a tv-movie that never was released on vhs or dvd. but I have a copy. haha. so he probobly not count it, but hardcore fans do. :P

the_thina at 8:30 pm May 24

Im not joking. the original stage-show also had tim curry and pat quinn. it has been done again several times after the movie as well, but it was on already in 74 if my memory serves me right.
73, it says. here is pat (magenta) singing from the first show:

mrsCutout at 2:34 pm May 23

Oh yeah i know! They came in Greece touring and i saw this first it was realy awesom! But i loved the movie version too! Haha all time favs same here too!