Yet, more comic genius of the Palin kind!

I found this posted on another site, I have always wondered what exactly is edited out of his Diaries. All of the resentful, pretentious typical human behavior possibly that is within us all including Michael Palin himself? But I do understand he is the "nice guy" and must hold his reputation. I still consider him quite human and hope he prints all the stuff between lines one day ;-)

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Tanya_Birklid19: I've read the first volume of his diaries and finished it within a week. Now I need Halfway to Hollywood! It's always interesting to read about what went on in the Python years and what was going on during filming the movies.

WolfSpirit: lol thats amazing. I wish there WAS more of his human side in those diaries. I only read about halfway before I got bored lol. If he had more of the things you know much have been written but not punished I woulda probably read more lol

Lady and Laird Candermine: a right fucking tosser..... has such a lovely ring to it.... file it and use it later
Thanks Lady April....

Lady April at 5:37 pm December 24

You crack me up! No kiddding it does LMFAO!!!!!

Lady and Laird Candermine at 2:38 pm December 25

kiss hug butternut roll..... LMFAO...

Johnnyrose: Michael Palin's Diaries: Director's Cut

Johnnyrose: Lovely! Just lovely!!! LOL

TheSister91: LOL I love what he was writing at first!! XD

the_thina at 7:58 am November 29

yeah that is sort of what you would _want_ to read in his diaries. XD

marga: oh! what a cute cartoon! have you noticed his gumby picture? LOL

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Amazing find! Thanks for sharing. It made my day :D

mrsCutout: Neve seen that|! Thank you so much! I think that mikey actually removed the family stuff and left almost everything from the python stuff!maby the editors removed some unkind or dubious bits but otherwise i think the diaries are honest! I've only read some extracts online and that is my humble opinion!

housepet1: This was hilarious! I had the same thought when I was reading the diaries. But I think he may have left out the family stuff rather than leaving out the Python stuff. He did say at one point that he's only seen John Cleese wear one pair of trousers - John was never keen on fashion. Said in jest, but still... honest. :-)

arkennedy: This is the first time I've seen this. Thanks for posting it:)

kisch: This IS a VERY funny picture:)))
I've seen it before, but I'm still laughing !!

CamelSpotter: So true! Though I've always liked this line towards the beginning:
"The four of us, or should I say three and the hovering Chapman (no, that's unkind, and this is a kind diary)..."
(Monday, April 20th, 1970)
Doesn't sound like there would be too much to edit out!

Lady April at 3:19 pm November 08

?Not too much to edit.... as far as WE know :-P