Meet Graham Chapman

Graham Chapman was born in the middle of an air bomb raid on January 8, 1941; the rest of his childhood was in all likelihood much happier. He attended Cambridge, where in between appearing in comedy revues and indulging in heaven only knows what kind of carousing, he somehow managed to get a degree in medicine. Which naturally led to a career in television and comedy, writing (in partnership with John Cleese) for David Frost, Marty Feldman and "I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again" . Though he never actually practiced medicine professionally, Chapman's achievement was sufficiently intimidating to bully the other Pythons into giving him the biggest roles in Holy Grail and Life of Brian. Chapman wrote and starred in The Odd Job and Yellowbeard , and published "A Liar's Autobiography", an exercise in highly creative (read: "unreliable") recollection. He also made several tours of American college campuses and was active in the Dangerous Sports Club, inventors of bungee jumping. He died from complications related to spinal and throat cancer on October 4, 1989, one day short of the Python's 20th anniversary and has failed to attend all subsequent reunions.