Meet Eric Idle

March 29, 1943: In Great Britain, a child is born. From humble beginnings, the boy will go on to an impressive career, becoming one of his countries most powerful, influential  and yes, even to some, beloved figures; that child is …

The Right Honorable Sir John Major, who served as Prime Minister from 1990 to 1997 and, coincidentally, shares a birthday with Eric Idle. And while some people we could name but won't were storing up points for a future career in the shadow of Meg "Fabulous Moolah" Thatcher, the future Python was already winning elections – well, at least one , serving as President of Cambridge's Footlight Club .  Television beckoned and eventually Idle joined T. Jones and M. Palin on the popular children's series "Do Not Adjust Your Set" (Did you ever notice how it's always the popular children who get their own series?), which was followed in due course by that other series. Idle's post-Python work has included the definitive musical documentary "All You Need Is Cash" , the moderately successful "Greedy Bastard Tour" (and Diary and Merchandise – mustn't forget the merchandise!), and, with musical collaborator John Du Prez, the Tony Award winning "Spamalot". Most recently he and Du Prez are responsible for a musical oratorio, "Not the Messiah."  Of all Mr. Idle's post-Python endeavors, he remains most admired – at least to American males of a certain age – for his role as Wreck-Gar in 1986's animated "Transformers: The Movie".
Which, if you ask me, tells us a lot more   about  American males of a certain age than it does about Idle's post Python work.