Meet Michael Palin

"Whenever I' m mistaken for Michael Palin, I always say "Yes, I am him. Now &#$% off, you ugly old bastard!" Because I want to help destroy his reputation for niceness." – Eric Idle, "The Greedy Bastard Diary".
Michael Palin, regardless of what Eric thinks, is the nicest Python, and has been consistently nice since May 5, 1943. Falling in with a much less nice crowd, he attended Cambridge and soon found himself performing along the corruptive influences of  T___y J____s and E___c I__e in such television programs ( or programmes, as the British call them, having consonants to spare) as "The Frost Report" (evidently some sort of weather forecast) and "Do Not Adjust Your Set".  After enduring his years as a Python, Palin became a World Class Adventurer, hosting various television   programs/programmes centered on obscure sections of the world where "getting a good meal" is defined solely by the question "How do you like your yak done?" His performance in "A Fish Called Wanda" ran afoul of the powerful American stammering lobby.  If you happen to run into Palin and he tells you to &#$% off, it's not really him.
But &#$% off anyway.