Monty Python Almost the Truth on IFC

I just saw a commercial on the Independant Film Channel that might interest some people here. From October 18 to 23 IFC will be showing Monty Python Almost the Truth the Lawyer's cut. Based on the commercial it shound be pretty good, not that we'd need a commercial to tell us that though :)

I've also found the website for those of you who are interested:

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barfolishus: can't wait to watch that.

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the_thina: too bad I dont live over there. :(
I think I will write an emal to sveriges television asking if they are gonna show a special this year like they did 10 years ago.

mrs.twoshedsgallahad: ha, I was just about to post a forum about this. Good thing I checked! IFC will be showing Python movies, too, after the documentary.

It all starts @ Oct. 18, 9:00 pm EST....

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mrs.twoshedsgallahad at 6:55 pm October 05

I'm sure by now most of you Pythonliners know that the documentary Monty Python: Almost the Truth, will be shown on IFC. But not only that, After the 18 October they will also be showing Monty Python episodes every Monday, 7:30 pm EST. It's a joy for me, who doesn't own the seasons & for some odd reason, watching it on the telly is so much better IMO.


If only bicycle Repair Man were Here!

armenia67: Thanks for the info!!!

cassbtt at 7:17 pm September 06

Outstanding! Set your recorders or, if you're an anachronistic old b***ard like me, your "VCR" (remember them?)!!!

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Mr Smoketoomuch at 6:14 am September 30

Will the 6 Hour doc be released on DVD?

I hope so!

I really want to see all of it!

What a silly Bunt!