140 conference invite made with MashCast

Check out the invite to the 140 conference we are part of coming up on the 27 of Oct, we made this using MashCast. Great job Patrick,Steve, boardman and Paul Ray, making us proud to be MashCaster's!!


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crzyltvn: That is just one awesome Mash.
Too bad the event is in LA.

scottp at 12:23 am November 04

It was a KILER event, met a bunch of great folks andlearned alot BIG FUN!!

sysadmin at 11:26 pm October 13

We will be broadcasting out clips all day long with MashCast, so check it out

crzyltvn at 8:38 am October 14


Hanri: Just goota watch it again and again and again and again.... Beautiful job!

scottp at 12:46 am October 13

Ive watched many times myself and still dig it!! Great job Patrick, Steve, Fade and Paul!!

scottp: Thanks bro!!! exciting times for MashCast after so much work

Johnnyrose: ***** Stars!!!