ahhh youth

i barely remember my youth. but i do remember watching python on public TV at night the only way to see it way back then .

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Kasmira: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l22F3kulRRQ
This is one of the most famous Finnish Sketch Shows... I'm not sure when this was broadcasted, but I bet it was 60's or 70's... :) So what do you think? Someone has done the translations. Nice.
Just to tell you what kind of comedy my parents watched when they were young. :)

markglifort: yaaaa maaaan it was coool maaaan

markglifort at 9:17 pm January 28

if i could just remember more of it than i do

Kasmira: oh, i have thought sometimes what it would had been to grow up in those days... :) kind of dream to find a time machine and return to 60's and 70's... when them all broke out... at last the 1948 show, the rutles, do not adjust your set, gonzo dog doo dah band, monty python...

thewastelandr at 4:22 pm January 28

Yes I agree! Thina and I decided we wish we had been born in our parents' generation!

Kasmira at 9:41 pm January 28

In fact, my parents were quite the same ages that the Python boys (they were born 1944 and 1947) back then. My dad was a huge fan of Beatles and Elvis, mother couldn't stand anything like that... But they didn't know Monty Python or the other great things... But, they lived in Finland. Middle of NOTHING. I've read that Finnish television showed two episodes of Flying Circus and nothing more... Haha. xD Too tough and anarchistic? lol

the_thina at 12:23 am January 29

my dad will be 65 this year I think, and my mom is 60, so they are around that age too. but what did THEY do when they were young? NOTHING! dad was burning his car on gravelroads, mom was a dressmaker. they were young in the best time of beeing young and THEY WASTED IT!

Kasmira at 5:45 am January 29

My parents were partyanimals... but the way they party was dancing schlager, tango etc... and get wasted :D And I don't know what they did as teenagers. I think my mom was just depressed and dad... unfortunally I haven't change to ask him, because he's dead :/ I remember he always told me same stories, how crazy place the army was...

Kasmira at 5:47 am January 29

oh, they went dancing by then, now I remember. Dancing, dancing, dancing...

the_thina at 5:58 am January 29

yes, think my parents did that too. but still.if I would have lived back then I would sooo be a hippie, they were more into the whole rocka-billy-thing. and you know, I have nothing against elvis, but the hippie-music was way better

Kasmira at 8:23 am January 29

I absolutely agree! <3 I don't like rockabilly at all... But: Jefferson airplane, The Rutles, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Neil Innes, GOnzo dog doo dah band... BIIIG LOVE.

the_thina at 8:35 am January 29

haha, you know they were called Bonzo dog doo dah band. :P
I can like some rocka-billy, depends on what mood Im in, but hippie-music Im always in the mood for

Kasmira at 9:05 am January 29

Oh... haha. What the fuck... Where did I get this Gonzo... I think it was popping up from Fear and loathing in Las Vegas xD I mean, I have been calling the band by that name also before that... FAIL. Need to see the movie again, btw... It was SOOO good and funny!

the_thina at 9:38 am January 29

haha, thats ok. now I think you will have better luck finding them on youtube though. XD
and yes, fear and loathing is a brilliant movie!

Kasmira at 12:54 pm January 29

I feel myself stupid. :D

the_thina at 12:55 pm January 29

hahaha, dont worry about it dear

Lvndr HppE at 9:47 pm January 28

Finland, Finland, Finlaaaand. That's the country for me!

Kasmira at 5:38 am January 29

"pony tracking or camping... or just watching TV..." or how it goes again... :)

Holly at 8:42 pm January 28

I'd be right there w/ you

Hanri at 12:10 am January 29

Lucky for us Finn television has prepped up afterwards. For the past few years they've been shoowing something Python related constantly!

Kasmira at 8:26 am January 29

Our generation luckily appreciate the British comedy and have really really good taste x)

thewastelandr at 12:51 pm January 29

We do anyway! I'm not sure about our generation... we may be anomalies!

Kasmira at 12:56 pm January 29

Yes we are... And therefore very special people. :) We rule!

thewastelandr at 12:57 pm January 29

We rule!!!

markglifort: bolicks