Alduce me to introlow myself... (New member!)

Now, I'm Inspector tiger and I'm afraid I must not ask anyone to leave the room.
No, I must ask nobody ... no, I must ask everybody to... nevermind...


This is my first ever post on this site and I can't wait to get started ;)
Just recently discovered this place and decided to make an account named after one of my favorite characters from the series :D

Now some facts:
I'm Norwegian and live some hours from the capital Oslo.
I first heard about monty python from my dad when I was younger, and immediately fell in love with all 6 <3
My favorite pythons are Mike and Jhonny.
One of my greatest dreams: Meeting some of the pythons (Especially Michael Palin and John Cleese <3)


Drawing (Just plain black and white pencil drawings on paper, sometimes scanning them and colouring them in Photoshop) I also love writing stories and fanfics. etc...
I also enjoy watching movies, which I do quite often.
plus I have a huge facination for animals like Wolves, tigers, horses and of course dragons and other fantasy creatures! But mostly dragons... <3

Maybe I'll post some MP fanfics and drawings on here some time :)

I probably won't be too active on the site right now because of studying and other time consuming stuff, but you'll probably hear from me from time to time.

I have more to tell about myself! :D
I actually have a story that I'm working on right now! Will maybe post a part soon!
Apart from Monty Python stuff I adore Fawlty Towers ++
I play an instrument called "Ocarina". It's like the one Link plays in 'The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time'.

I've got some crazy imagination and always dream surrialistic dreams about killer cars, dancing teeth and criminal sheep+ everything else between heaven, earth and beyond! Like sitting on a flying sheep followed by a 100 foot tall cat and the sky falling down in the form of strawberry icecream. Or being hunted by blamanges.
Armed with machine guns.
And flamethrowers.
And then comes the rabid, pink icebears with french accent and fruitbaskets on their heads...

Take the tablets Tiger.

Ps: How do you add banners like 'Favorite website', 'Country' and others to your profile page? (Still needs help :3)
Thank you ;)

Wait...lemon curry?

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l_wojcik: Hey there, Inspector! Great to have you on the site! Norway, eh? That's cool! My parents were boring and decided to have me bourn and raised in America. But, since I've been watching Monty Python since I was very very young, I spell some things in the British manour and (according to some classmates) pronounce a few things a bit strange. Anyhoo, it's always great to see a new member. Hope you enjoy!

A. Lupin: Welcome to pythonline :D We've got a lot in common with the drawing/fanfics/interests. That's cool~ I'm from China but I've lived in the USA all my life. I think I fell in love with Python after watching the Holy Grail and the accidents sketch.. I love Michael too! He's so awesome. well have fun on pythonline~ it's definitely a sure-fire way to stay obsessed. XD

Inspector Tiger: Aww :D Thank you for greeting me. I already feel I belong :3

J.Gambolputty: Wellllllcome!
So you're from Norway? Lots of fjords and stuff, eh? ;) Lots of Norwegian Blues are pining for them and you get to live in the middle of millions of fjords!! 'Calm down!' 'All right..'

I'm JG and I am from Finland. (Not very far from you, but you certainly knew that already.) Back to the point . . . What should I tell? Erm, my favourite Python member is Mike also, but I really like them all. Welcome, hope you'll enjoy.

Inspector Tiger at 10:30 am January 25

Actually, we have a HUGE, ENORMOUS fjord in our garden. It's HUUUGE!!! I swim in it in the summer and it's about 5 metres in diametres i think...
But If you travel some miles north there's millions of fjords!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We see some norwegian blues each day. We used to keep one but sadly, it died. :'(
Seems to be a tendency, since we see less of them each year.

WAIT! One is sitting on a branch just outside the window!

Inspector Tiger at 12:49 pm January 25

It's still there, just staring at me... I shall call him Dennis!

J.Gambolputty at 12:05 pm January 25

:DDD Very nice. Your own fjord.
Sorry about your norwegian blue.

J.Gambolputty at 12:31 pm January 25

Oh, say hello to that norwegian blue outside your window. Maybe it wants some cattlefish ;)

Colonel Daughter: Weeeelcooooome!!
There hasn't been a murder! ...yet
but I hope you'll enjoy yourself anyway :D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: TIGER? WHERE? WHERE!?!

Oh, sorry ...


(DA ZONE, Mrs. A? Yes, Mrs. A, DA ZONE. Let's name the zones, the zones, the zones; let's name the zones of the open seeeeeeea!)

Okay, I am pretty random, as you can plainly see. SEEEEEEA! *cough*
Can I just say that I am instantly in love with you at the moment? (Not in that way. Forgive my suggestiveness. Trust me, I'm not gay or anything :D) Wow, the amount of things we have in common is amazing!

1) I mean, my fave Python's Mike followed closely by Johnny.
2) Dragons are totally my favourite fantasy creature, along with wolves/werewolves.
3) I draw constantly.
4) I write fanfics constantly.

FANFICS!! AHA! You can join our little gaggle of fanfic writers/readers and we can swap fics and stuff and, like, wowies, I can't believe it!

Oh, me? Yeah, about me: I am of English origin, land of buttered scones and Yorkshire puddings and a certain comedy troupe, you might know them, they're called Monty-- Oh, darn it. SHUT UP BRAIN!
*bashes head repeatedly with a wok*
My brain does this all the time.
*sprays squirty cream all over face*
Did I tell you I am half Gumby?
*smashes plates over head*

(I apologise for this very long comment. Mrs. A would like to say burps trigger Haribo Starmix and make giraffe ears look like Paupiette of Tuna)

Hanri: Welcome to the site, Inspector! Nice to officers around here, helps building the status so we look good in the court hearing..... *ahem* What was that? Just kidding. I have a slight feeling that the Nordic countries are taking over the site (easy to say for a Finn)....which is nice.

I'm Hanri, and I am the RSM of the Python Army (honestly, people voted for me, promise!). If you have anything you need help with around the site or forum or spam trouble or you'd like to take a closer look at the animating program MashCast (I hear you're a creative sort of person ;) I can help you out. Or at least try, I will have to look for the profile info display stuff you asked, I couldn't figure it out this morning, but I have my ways. ;)

Again, welcome to PythOnline!

Inspector Tiger at 12:01 pm January 25


Hanri at 1:45 pm January 25

Heck yeah! I hope you're on a PC, since the program is not yet ready for Macs.... Up in the high right corner of the site you see a link which leads you to an .exe installation file. Go download it!

It's the sort of animation program that let's you animate cutouts like Gilliam did, among other things. It also has a built-in instant messenger, where you can text chat, do voice or video messages or even send animations to your buddy for editing (did I mention "instantly"!), so it's really a place for creating stuff by yourself AND your friends.

If you get to installing the program, let me know, we'll hook up there and I can show you stuff how it works so you get the idea. :)

PythOnline users have been part of the beta test group for this software for YEARS. Here's a couple links of what I've done with it (that I'm actually proud of, if I may add):

Inspector Tiger at 2:12 pm January 25

I will absolutely try it tomorrow :D
I'll send a message.

Here Comes Another One: Welcome, Inspector Tiger! I hope you have a lot of fun here - we all do! I also enjoy fanfics. I've been on Pythonline about 4 months, so I'm still quite new myself (and don't know how to add that stuff to my profile either, unfortunately). But I have been a Python fan for a long time.

I admire all six of the guys enormously, but Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Graham Chapman are my faves. My favourite sketch is probably the World War 2 courtmartial sketch from series 4, but the thing that made me laugh the most recently was Graham as David Unction!

a_nervous_wreck: Guten morgen mein freund! <-- I am in no way German, so forgive me if I spelled anything wrong. Anyway, welcome to our little slice of wonderland, we hope you have many wondrous tea parties and... wrong site, sorry. But seriously, I hope you have a good time here.

My favorite pythons are Gray, Gil, and Mike. And I too love wolves, tigers, and bears... and also dragons and werewolves. I'm one of those people Tanya mentioned that likes to write and read fanfictions, and I'm currently trying to write the first chapter of mine. Hope we hear from you more

Inspector Tiger at 11:21 am January 25

:D It's correctly written ;) (I know that because I took German in High school or 'Teenage school' as we call it here in Norway.
By the way (If you should be interested) Good morning, my friend in Norwegian is : God morgen, min venn! :D

champagneeyes: Welcome. I'm new to this site, myself and am still figuring things out. I find it hard to call one of the guys my favorite but I am fond of Mr. Palin. I've been singing The Lumberjack Song, Always look on the Bright Side of Life, and The Galaxy Song since I was a kid. :)

Tanya_Birklid19: I guess I'm the first to say this: WELCOME TO THE LOONY BIN!! I mean . . . Pythonline. You'll have tons of fun here, no doubt about that. You chose well, padawan with your Pythons. Mikey is my fav, as you can see. X3 You like to write fanfics, you say? There's a renegade group of us on here who write fanfics that you'll probably love!! So once again, welcome to Pythonline!!!

I like wolves, tigers, and bears OH MY!! *slight pause* Sorry about that. Tend to quote things sometimes. But it would be lions, tigers and bears oh my, but whatev. I like werewolves . . . a lot.