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I upload more.

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Paute: New pictures here too!. Enjoy it!!


Ohhhh! naked!!! Mmmm

Holly at 6:34 pm February 01

haha, this is great!

Lvndr HppE at 8:09 pm January 30

Oh, my! Where on earth did you find this?

thewastelandr at 8:13 pm January 30

Is that from his shower series???? I want to see all of them!

Paute at 8:31 pm January 30

I don´t know. I only have this...

thewastelandr at 9:13 pm January 30


Lvndr HppE at 9:20 pm January 30

I might use this in the next collage2 thread.

Paute at 7:22 pm February 05

OK! his face it´s great!
There make happy!


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thewastelandr at 6:36 pm January 30

This one just makes me laugh!! Oh Terry...


In next weeks i was sended a copy to every python

Paute: Dos fotos - dibujos más.

Paute at 7:11 pm January 25

Two pictures-photos more.


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Holly at 8:56 pm January 23

Terry's Mr. Bill shirt is great

Paute at 6:29 pm January 24

I love when Idle smile

Holly at 10:46 pm January 24

yeah, he has a mischievous smile.


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thewastelandr at 7:18 pm January 25

Ohh look how young and cute!


This one is new to me. I was searching Terry Jones' shower pic (LOL) and found this.

thewastelandr at 9:14 am January 21

Haha yay good find! I tried searching his shower pictures too and all I got was porn... so if someone has a legitimate link that'd be great!

ErictheFruitbat at 3:31 pm March 20

Oh god, Eric is Beautiful! Can't get over how great he looks. Although that cigarett is a bit of a turn-off. And Mike looking stunning, as usual. Sigh.

Holly at 10:32 am January 21

lol, nice

Kasmira at 10:09 am January 21

but hey, it is porn too! xD

thewastelandr at 7:08 am January 23

It is for us! Haha good point, Kasmira!

Kasmira at 9:14 am January 21

Gilliam's face is priceless and look at his shirt again! <3 I'd like to see it closer and with colour... :)

Paute at 3:26 pm January 22

Wow! exellent photo!

TheSister91: oooooh!! Mickey is always so damn smart!!!

Holly: I like how in the last pic Eric is pinching Terry G's nipple


Nice hats

thewastelandr at 3:10 pm January 19


Kasmira at 4:52 pm January 22

love john's face expression!good pic and terry's hat is verry funny :D

Lady and Laird Candermine at 9:01 pm January 19

lol...very ... hmmm silly

Paute: ¡¡New Picture!! I love that. Eric touch a Terry G. A lot of love!

thewastelandr: Picture third from top - from Attilla the Hun - makes me want to jump Terry J (and Graham isn't so bad himself but don't think he would like being jumped by me...)

the_thina at 8:02 pm January 18

graham was always good looking. and I dont think he would have minded snogging a girl.... not sex, no, but I dont know any gay man (and I know quite a lot of them) who cant snog a girl... and hey, I snog guys too, even if Im a dyke.

Kasmira at 4:54 pm January 22

I agree that Gray was sooo handsome. <3 I'd most likely snog him if it was possible.

Paute at 10:42 am January 19


the_thina at 3:40 pm January 19

yeah... snog... that means heavy kissing... eeh... to make out I think its also called. but I love that word. SNOG. haha

Paute at 4:55 pm January 19

Ah! Tank you. It´s new in my vocabulary. Added!

Holly at 7:58 pm January 19

lol, its always fun to learn something new

the_thina at 8:06 pm January 19

you didnt know that word eiter?

Holly at 8:28 pm January 19

oh, I knew it, I just thought it was cute the way Paute is learning new words

Kasmira at 9:03 am January 21

I'm learning too! So thank you Thina :D

the_thina at 3:16 pm January 21

haha. goodie! XD

the_thina at 8:55 pm January 19

ah ok. :)

the_thina at 5:02 pm January 19

no problem. :)

thewastelandr at 8:16 pm January 18

Yes that's a good point! I wouldn't want sex anyway, just some quality time with them! Maybe a little snogging...

the_thina at 8:32 pm January 18

yeah, just like me then. what a dream it would be just to sit down and talk with them,one by one. know how they see the world. and hug them. I would be happy just with that