back again.. probably!

feeling like it was time to be back in the game, I decided to play it according to the "new" rules.

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the_thina: welcome back! :D
you could not stay away, could you? python is like a better version of heroin, you gotta get your fix every now and then. ;)

TheSister91 at 8:56 am November 28

i did instead.. and i hope not to do it again in my life.. but you know.. sometimes you need to be on your own and think or meditate. I did it in he time I was away and I kept talking to some of you! and the disatnce gave me new ideas and also the time to organise them and to make them come true.

mrsCutout at 9:10 am November 28

well that is so nice to hear and now that you're back you can share ur lovely ideas with us!

TheSister91 at 9:11 am November 28

oh yeah!! :D