Crunchy Frog ... well, toad!

Well I have a toad (I'd never eat her of course) but she's seen the entire Flying Circus with me and loves it. Toads have a lot of personality, they really do. And Toady, that's my toad, enjoys sitting on cushions or under the furniture. Usually when Monty Python's on she comes out and sits in front of the t.v. and tries to eat the Pythons - especially Michael. I'd do the same thing if I were in her place. :D

She likes the Homicidal Barber & Lumberjack sketches the best. (Based on her reactions... she can't really tell me.)

1 - Mike and Terry!
2 - Toady watching Full Frontal Nudity (she loves the Vericotti Bros)
3 - Playing Scrabble with me at the beach house
4 - Singing along with Michael as a lumberjack in her tank with her microphone

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Here Comes Another One: So cute - I didn't realise toads had so much personality!

MontyPyhonRocks274: she is adorable!!!! so cute!!!

MontyPython93: So cute!!!!!! <3 :)

mrsCutout: HAhahaha how cute is she! Well Python has affected many lives it's tru!And your toad has great taste! :D

A. Lupin at 2:36 pm July 16

sankchu ^.^

Alainainthesky: Awh, she's a cute little toad (: Did you catch her and keep her or did you buy her?

A. Lupin at 9:42 pm July 15

I caught her 10 years ago in my drive way :D She's lived happily ever since~

mrsCutout at 6:47 am July 16

Awwww this is great!