Dennis Moore and the Quest for Lupins

If I had any idea how to makes games I would have made this into a game. It turns out, I don't know how to make games but I think this makes a good mash :) and I decided it was time to update my station. Enjoy :)

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TheSister91: how cool you can mash!!! :) my MC has gone nuts... *crycry*

arkennedy at 12:50 pm May 01

Thanks :)
Sorry to hear your mc isn't working right.

Here Comes Another One: That is so cool! It reminds me of a game called Koji the Frog that I used to play when I was a kid. In that, you're a frog, and you have to catch flies with a long tongue that shoots out. But there's bad stuff that you have to avoid.

So you could have it so that Dennis Moore has to catch lupins, but he has to avoid any non-lupins that fall from the sky. Then when he's filled his sack, he takes the sack to the cottage, and he has to avoid/battle other highwaymen on the way. He does this a few times, then he has to defend himself against the peasants because he's brought too many lupins - then at the next level, he has to collect stuff like gold, jewels, etc, and avoid any lupins that fall from the sky.

I don't really know what would happen after that though. :-)

arkennedy at 11:29 am April 24

Thanks :)

You've got some great ideas for the game :) As I said I don't know how to make games myself but if anyone who does know how to make games see this and decides to make this into a game I think he or she should incorporate your suggestions into the game.

arkennedy: My mother saw this mash and had a suggestion for how this game could be won if it were made into a game:

After collecting the Lupins Dennis would take them to the peasants and after he had collected a lot of lupins and taken them to the peasants the peasants could get angry becuase their cottage is full of lupins and start yelling at him and then attack him.

mrsCutout: Hahahahaha oh my this is so so much fun!!!!!! This would have made a great game Arky!!!! Wow! Good one!!!!!!!

arkennedy at 3:40 pm April 22

Thanks :)

Hanri: Aaaaah yeaaaah!! Fantastic, Arky!! Multilevel game all worked out, now we just need a programmer to do it.. Anyone up for it? :)

Excellent mashing, love the fact that you make your own backgrounds. Keep up the good work!

arkennedy at 8:52 am April 22

Thanks :) It took me awhile but I really enjoyed making this.

If anyone is interested in making the game I'd be happy to post the background, pics of lupins and the Dennis Moores that I used if needed or they want to use the same images for the game.