Do I need a Title?

At any rate, I do need a station. So why not create one?

Because Calvin and Hobbes is Pure Win.

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sit-on-my-face: Ahhhhh... love is all around!!! My favorite cartoon. (ok. Along with Gary Larson!!!!)

Monty Petra at 7:12 am March 12

Oh, yes, Gary Larson. The Far Side is wonderful!

the_thina: completely of topic, but is that poe in your avatar? I feel Ive seen it before, but makes me think both poe and strindberg.. haha

Monty Petra at 9:16 am March 10

It is Poe. I'm in luv with him. :D

the_thina at 9:30 am March 10

oh you are not alone. but I need more of his books. I "only" have 3. and I need them in english. the coolest authours should be read in english I think... if that was their original language that is...

Monty Petra at 9:58 am March 10

I have one big book, that has all his stories in it. Tis epic.

I'd love to read authors in thier original languages. I want to read Crime and Punishment in Russian, but Russian is a very hard language to learn, I've heard.

thewastelandr at 1:07 pm March 10

Oooh yes I have that Poe book too... the complete Poe or something. Best poem ever... "Dream Within A Dream"

Monty Petra at 1:52 pm March 10

Dream Within a Dream is very nice. I love that one!

And the Raven, of course. I've got that one memorized.

thewastelandr at 7:21 pm March 10

Good for you!! It's long! That's a handy one to know if ever at a dinner party or some such event and called upon for some light entertainment. Many's the time I have pulled out a Shakespearian Henry V monologue in similar circumstances. Poe is better... less cliche!

Monty Petra at 1:49 pm March 11

It took me quite a while, though. And it's not that hard, because it's a bit repetitive. (not in a bad, way, though)


the_thina at 10:49 am March 10

yeah, russian is hard. I am 1/4 russian and have tried to learn, but its hard... german is easier, but that is probobly because swedish and german has the same melody to it

Monty Petra at 1:52 pm March 10

I know one word in German, "Abflug". Not a very useful thing to know, sadly.

the_thina at 5:38 am March 11

"achtung" is a good one. it means "warning" or "look out"
"ich liebe dich" is I love you
"ich spreche nicht deutch" means I dont speak german. ;)
those are pretty good to know

thewastelandr at 8:26 am March 11

All the German I needed to know I learned from Hogan's Heroes...

the_thina at 11:16 am March 11

dont mean a thing to me.
but "ich bin geil ich bin nicht eine kartoffel" is awsome in all its randomness too. it means "I am horny, I am not a potatoe"


Great choice for a station :) Calvin and Hobbes was always one of my favorite comic strips when it was still in the papers. I was very disappointed when it was no longer being written. I do have several of the books though :)

BTW: Here is an animated gif I found online once (I don't remember where and I don't know who made it) for you.

Monty Petra at 6:41 am March 10

Awwwr, dancing kitty! *hugs him*

Holly: Oh I agree 100%! Calvin & Hobbes are the best!

Johnnyrose: I Love Calvin & Hobbes!!!

Lady April: Ya definately can't lose! I love Calvin and Hobbes! When I was a teen I had a cat named Clyde. He was so awesome and muh lil fuzzy boy. When I'd read the Sunday comics I always went for C&H first cause it reminded me of me n my cat =)

Monty Petra at 2:30 pm March 09

We've got a very smelly old Twice Used cat.

Newspaper comics are crap now. I need my Calvin and Hobbes.