an experiment in colorizing

This is my "station post" :D :D

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Not that late: Michael Palin's Diaries, 1978, September 14th, Monastir.

After rehearsals we go up to the Ribat for a photo-call for a Variety ad to herald the start of shooting. Nostalgia time. John was dressed in his Pacamac as Praline, complete with dead parrot. Terry had drag on and huge lipstick smudge across his lower face. Graham C was in his Colonel's outfit - wich hangs off him now he's lost weight! Eric was in spangly jacket and I was in knotted handkerchief. And here we were photographed against mosques and palm trees. The past catching up with the present.

genji: What breed of parrot is that?

TheRealGilliamFan at 1:29 pm November 22


A. Lupin: looks great! (: Jonesy looks splendid in deep purple~