happy birthday

btw: Can anyone guess who is who in the mash?

For pythonliners whose birthdays I missed

Edit: I've made a gif version of this mash. The beginning and end of the gif version are slightly different than the mash version and the speech bubbles don't pop up and go away so quickly so they should be easier to read. In the gif version everyone is saying the same things in the same order as in the mash version.

Please click to see the effect.

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the_thina: the gif made it much easier, now I got what they were all saying. and also noticed that the letter were snakes! haha. nice touh! :)

arkennedy at 9:00 am April 29

Thanks :)

the_thina at 4:59 am April 29


Holly: I love that you even gave them shadows. I agree w/ Thina's guesses too.

Lady and Laird Candermine: These are Fab!!!... all so adorable!!! Terry's shirt is great! All their outfits are wonderful.... Thanks for sharing this....!!! I'd have to agree with Thina's guesses...

the_thina: very nice! and yeah, I can see exactly who is who I think.
mike, gray, ewic, gilly, john, jonsey, carol, neil and connie (in that order), right?

but the speach-bubbles went by too fast for me to see, even if I tried 4 times now. :/

arkennedy at 10:58 am April 27


You guessed everyone correctly :)

As for the speech bubble going by fast, I've been thinking about making a slower gif version of this mash so the they're easier to read.

the_thina at 12:23 pm April 27

yeah, I think you should at least slow that part down. if they were bigger and went from left to right I think it would be easier, but when they are small and jump around like crazy it becomes hard

Paute: Yeah! excellent job! I like so much!!

mrsCutout: aww that is excellent!

arkennedy at 2:07 pm April 26

Thanks :D