Hat Trick

Testing something with the ole MashCast. :)

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mrsCutout: Good one!I loved it!:) how can i do such stuff to?it's so fun..

TheSister91 at 1:37 pm November 29

just download MashCast from www.mashcast.com and you're half of the road!!

mrsCutout at 2:24 pm November 29

oh i did that several times!

Hanri at 9:47 am November 30

Well then just add some of us to your network list, watch the welcome video and ping us for help to get you started! :)

TheSister91 at 10:29 am November 30

that's what I would have said hun!! ;)

TheSister91: wow!! lovely

CamelSpotter: Wonderful!

Jatta: Bwilliant, as usual :)

MontyPython93: Hahahaha i love it :D Hilarious! <3

Susana Mendonca: Wow, Hanri!! It's so fluid!!

sysadmin: EXCELLENT!!! definitly learning how to animate, nice feel of weight and motion..Goood one!!

Hanri at 11:43 pm November 01

One of my favorite test mashes, one that I'm actually really proud of. :) I'm learning every day!

Hanri: Woops, made it my station, didn't mean to. ;)