Hello? ¿Hola?

Hi everybody. I´m from Argentina.
Where are you?
Anyone expect the Spanish Inquisition?. Or at least speak a little Spanish

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mrsCutout: Hello and welcome Paute!!!!!Wow argentina? That is great!I am from Greece! People learn spanish here but i only know a few spanish just very few haha!I know french too!

thewastelandr at 5:00 pm January 13

Mrs. Cutout, you are from Greece?? I am half-Greek and lived there a while! Where do you live?

Στην υγειά σου! (is that right?? I'm losing my ability to write/speak Greek!)

Paute at 2:56 pm January 13

Greece? Cool! Here are people of all world. I'm surprised. We must do a few questions about this.
Well.. my only french i know by Python. And now.... for something... i mean my english... well I know a few words, but i use a translater for some words i don´t know.

Holly: Hello Paute, I'm in Florida USA, I don't know any Spanish, but I'd like to learn to say "Piss Off" that has recently becoming one of my favorite this to say in English, & I'd love to learn to say it in as many languages as possible!

Paute at 2:05 pm January 13

Everything is learned... including my English.
Todo se aprende... incluyendo mi inglés.

The Ex-Leper: Nein ich spreche Deutsch...well kind of Im only in German II but still haha...guten Abend! Anyhow as for where I am...well, Paute, I sure wish I was in Scotland... 8D...also as far as everyone knows...NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! lol hahaha

Paute at 5:15 pm January 11

Jejeje that´s one of my favorite quotes. Thanks for you welcome!

arkennedy: Hello Paute, welcome to Pythonline :)

Paute at 5:14 pm January 11


Kasmira: Very much welcome to our sweet company. I can garantee it was a good choice to join us. ;) I can count to three and say "thank you" and "hello" in Spanish so that's all I know. Uno, dos, tres, hola and gracias o/

Paute at 6:42 pm January 07

That's more than I know in English!!! Thank you for your welcome!

HOMBRE DE HIELO: Saludos from Arizona!

Paute at 5:14 pm January 11

Eh! con ese nombre y el Saludos... ¿algo de español? ¿o mera ilusión?

Tanya_Birklid19: Hola! Como estas? My computer doesn't let me add the accent marks on spanish words. Me llamo Tanya, as you can see. Vivo en North Dakota y hace nieva. MUCHO nieva. Hablo espanol (sorry, no tilde) pero yo se un pequito. Como te llamas?

Stig at 7:38 pm January 06

Good God I need a translatior!

Tanya_Birklid19 at 3:38 pm January 07

Haha! Okay, what I said was "How are you?" "My name is Tanya" "I live in North Dakota and it's snowing. MUCH snow. I speak spanish, but I know a little. What is your name?" I took spanish for two years in high school

Stig at 4:27 pm January 07

Wow! I can only speak English, German and a little bit of French. Good work!

The Ex-Leper at 9:03 pm January 07

ABEND!!! : )

Paute at 6:40 pm January 07

Qué bueno que al menos alguien me diga un hola. Voy a mejorar mi inglés en este sitio. Pero me va a costar un poco ponerme al día con todo.
Someone write in spanish. I practice and learn my english. It´s a little poor

Kasmira at 9:14 pm January 07

Paute! Here you can learn it day by day... My English isn't so well either but when I write it everyday, I think it's gonna become better... And if I can write it a little it doesn't say that I can speak it much. ^_^

Stig: Im from Australia, but no my name is not Bruce and I am not a poofda!

Paute at 8:25 pm January 05

Thank you! and.... ¡¡BURMA!!

Stig: I know absolutely jack all about spanish haha. I just came cuz I've never seen you on Pyhtonline before. I love seein new faces. Welcome aboard anyway!

MontyPython93: Yesyes, I'm from Sweden as well..! Haha I can speak VEEEERY little spanish...x)

Paute at 7:59 pm January 05

Wow! i speak and write Seden... great!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: HOLA! Cómo estás? xD
I'd love to speak Spanish. It's a great language :)

I'm Attila the Hun (Mrs), and I welcome you to this crazy land ;) I'm from that little island in Europe people like to call "Britain".
Enjoy your stay at Hotel Pythonline, hehe.

Paute at 8:12 pm January 05

Mmm... Britain?... i don´t know. they have there?
I want travel to London

WackyQueen: Ello ello. Im a Swede. You can tell it by the way i look. Heehaw

Paute at 8:03 pm January 05

Hello! thanks for you comment. Another sweden? We invade!

Paute at 8:02 pm January 05

Hello! thanks for you comment. Another sweden? We invade!

Paute at 8:02 pm January 05

Hello! thanks for you comment. Another sweden? We invade!

Lady April: Hey there Argentina! I'm Seattle Washington U.S. of A. and the board Michael monger - soooo happy to have ya!

Paute at 8:22 pm January 05

Hello Lady April! Nice place U.S
Big Hug!

Stig at 9:04 pm January 05

Do I gat a hug? Lol

Stig at 9:04 pm January 05

Do I gat a hug? Lol

Stig at 9:03 pm January 05

Do I gat a hug? Lol

Paute at 9:42 am January 06

¡¡YES!! for you too.

Stig at 3:05 pm January 06


Lady April at 9:00 pm January 05

*HUGZZZ* back at ya =)

Lady April at 8:59 pm January 05

*HUGZZZ* back at ya =)

kisch: Hola !
I don't speak Spanish, but I was thinking of learning i one day:)
I'm from Russia which is very far from Argentina !).

Paute at 8:17 pm January 05

Hello Russia! I have a friend there. She´s very fan of Les Luthiers.

Hanri: Que? I know nothing (of Spanish that is), I'm from Finland, Finland, Finland! Welcome aboard!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 9:41 am January 05

Finland! The country where I quite want to be.
Pony Trecking or Camping... or just watching TV XD

Hanri at 9:56 am January 05

Yeees, there are a lot of us here, doing exactly those things... ;)

Paute at 8:21 pm January 05

Yeah! Finland. Exellent comunity here. People the all world.