Here comes another one...

And another new member! This time one from Holland. And one who likes drawing as you can see if the picture isn't naughty and works properly..

I don't think I've anything interesting to say.. I mean what's the point of being treated like a sheep, I mean I'm fed up with going abroad and being treated like a sheep, what's the point of being carted around in buses surrounded by sweaty mindless oafs from Kettering and Boventry in their cloth caps and their cardigans and their transistor radios and their 'Sunday Mirrors', complaining about the tea, 'Oh they don't make it properly here do they not like at home' stopping at Majorcan bodegas, selling fish and chips and Watney's Red Barrel and calamares and two veg and sitting in cotton sun frocks squirting Timothy White's suncream all over their puffy raw swollen purulent flesh cos they 'overdid it on the first da.'And being herded into endless Hotel Miramars and Bellvueses and Bontinentals with their international luxury modern roomettes and their Watney's Red Barrel and their swimming pools full of fat German businessmen pretending they're acrobats and forming pyramids and frightening the children and barging in to the queues and if you're not at your table spot on seven you miss your bowl of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup, the first item on the menu of International Cuisine, and every Thursday night there's a bloody cabaret in the bar featuring some tiny emaciated dago with nine-inch hips and some big fat bloated tart with her hair brylcreemed down and a big arse presenting Flamenco for Foreigners.And then some adenoidal typists from Birmingham with diarrhoea and flabby white legs and hairy bandy-legged wop waiters called Manuel, and then, once a week there's an excursion to the local Roman ruins where you can buy cherryade and melted ice cream and bleedin' Watney's Red Barrel, and one night they take you to a local restaurant with local colour and colouring and they show you there and you sit next to a party of people from Rhyl who keeps singing 'Torremolinos, Torremolinos' and complaining about the food - 'Oh! It's so greasy isn't it?' and then you get cornered by some drunken greengrocer from Luton with an Instamatic and Dr Scholl sandals and last Tuesday's 'Daily Express' and he drones on and on and on about how Mr. Smith should be running this country and how many languages Enoch Powell can speak and then he throws up all over the Cuba Libres.And sending tinted postcards of places they don't know they haven't even visited, 'to all at number 22, weather wonderful, our room is marked with an "X". Wish you were here.'Food very greasy but we have managed to find this marvellous little place hidden away in the back streets...

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mrs galahad 19: Well, hello there, Pantomime horse!! Welcome to the loony bin that is Pythonline. Er, please pay no attention to a_nervous_wreck, Mrs Attila the Hun 93, or Here Comes Another One, as they are all very mad . . . . . . . . . and so am I :) We're all mad here, said the Cheshire cat to Alice. When a dog wags its tail, he is happy, but when he growls, he is angry. Now, I wag my tail when I'm angry, and I growl when I'm happy, therefore I am mad. Do you like to write as well? *coughcough* Fanfics *coughcough* There's a renegade group of us here to swap stories. Again, WELCOME TO PYTHONLINE!! have some brownies :)

From North Dakota with love

Pantomime horse at 7:10 am September 22


I fear that I feel home.. :D

And I also fear that I'm not good at writing.. Perhaps I'll try some day.. But don't expect too much of it (and of course not the Spanisch Inquisition! But I think you knew that already.. :) )

Pantomime horse: Thanks for the warm welcome. I realy want to say thank you very much, deeply, sincerely, from the heart, there's a lot of love on this site... I really appreciate it. This welcome means a awfull lot for me, I've never had a welcome like this.. And it's really the nicest thing that ever happened to me! In fact.. I'd like to sing! I'm so happy!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 6:07 am September 22

Stop that, stop that, you're not going into a song whilst I'm here :D
Aha, I make joke ... not funny ... sorry, I'll just leave now ... *flutters away*

Pantomime horse at 6:59 am September 22

Sorry to disappoint you now, but.. It was funny, she said, expecting the answer no it isn't.. :D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 8:21 am September 22

Not much of a cheese shop, is it? :D

Pantomime horse at 8:27 am September 22

Finest in the district, sir. :)

Iris: Nog een Nederlander :) Welkom!

Pantomime horse at 8:00 am September 21

Ahaa, een Nederlander! Zijn er nog meer Nederlanders op deze site of zijn we de enige? :)

J.Gambolputty at 8:02 am September 22

Strewth! I actually understood that. ;P Although I'm not from the Netherlands.

Anyway, welcome to p-line Pantomime horse!! Great to have on ze show, and now, here are the scores... Hah.

Pantomime horse at 8:20 am September 22

Hello! Or like the Dutch way: Hallo/Hoi/Gegroet/Goedemiddag

Volgens mij ben je een echte held in Nederlands! < In my opinion you're a real hero in Dutch! :D

And now for something completely different: What I find seriously funny is that in Dutch 'worst' means sausage! XD

J.Gambolputty at 10:02 am September 22

Haha, :D that's a good one. Incidentally, 'alas' means 'down' in Finnish. Quite funny too...

I've always liked Dutch, it sounds very interesting, and I'm currently learning German, so that's why I understand a bit of Dutch also. They have a small resemblence in them, I think. ;)

Pantomime horse at 10:33 am September 22

Haha, funny, those translations!

And also funny to hear that some people like Dutch while almost all the Dutch people hate it. And German and Dutch are indeed pretty similar. For the Dutch German is quite easy to understand as well. (Pretty helpful for school! :D)

Here Comes Another One: Hello Pantomime Horse! Welcome to Pythonline! How is the dummy Princess Margaret - or did you defeat her in a life or death struggle? XD Love the drawing by the way! Oh, and don't pay attention to a_nervous_wreck or Mrs Attila The Hun, they're both quite mad, whereas I, as I'm sure they'd both tell you, am completely normal with no touch of insanity about me whatsoever. :D

Pantomime horse at 8:10 am September 21

Did you realy say quite? XD

And, sadly.. We haven't a royal pantomime princess Margaret here... But we do have our lovely queen called Beatrix!

Pantomime horse at 8:13 am September 21

And sometimes she goes a bit violent.. So maybe she killed Princess Margaret in a life or death struggle, but I'm not sure about that..

A. Lupin: Welcome :D

mo: Welcome.:)

arkennedy: Hello, welcome to Pythonline :)

a_nervous_wreck: Welcome to Pythonline, where unicorn waffles float around in fields made of dreams and butterfly farts... or maybe that's just for me...

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: SHUT YOUR BLOODY GOB! I mean, hello, oh one that resides from ze Netherlands.

Horse Pantomime, Pythonline to welcome :D

katithepythonfan: Welcome to Pythonline!